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Dolomite siding: characteristics and features

Nowadays, consumers often use such finishing materials as Dolomit siding for facing the house. It gained its popularity due to the fact that it gives the facade neatness and attractiveness. In addition, the panels serve to protect the base from the negative effects of the environment.

Technical properties


The company "Dolomit" produces siding, which is used for finishing work, mainly carried out in the lower part of the facade. Molded panels of vinyl, titanium and modifying components are painted in different colors during the production process. The elements have standard dimensions of 300x22 centimeters and a thickness of 1.6 millimeters. In addition, siding can be released in non-standard sizes, having a length of 1 meter. The panels are an imitation of natural stone, they convey the texture and color of materials.

The seams at the joints of the panels can be painted in the same color as the panel, or be unpainted. The siding of this look differs in the universal fastening carrying the name "nest thorn". The kit includes not only fasteners, but also additional elements that will help make the appearance of the facade completely finished. They have the same texture and color range as the main panels.

Advantages and disadvantages

The socle siding "Dolomit" is in high demand among consumers because The material has many advantages that distinguish it from its counterparts.

  • First of all it is necessary to note the ecological siding. It is created from harmless materials that do not have a negative impact on the health of users. Since the Dolomite panels are non-toxic, they can be used for both exterior and interior decoration of buildings. These materials are resistant to mold and mildew, insects and rodents are not interested in them.
  • The panels are moisture resistant and tolerate exposure to both high and low temperatures, which allows them to be used in any climate while maintaining the basic properties of the material.

  • Siding has fire resistance, it does not burn and does not ignite, it is resistant to UV rays, which directly affects the preservation of its appearance.
  • Manufacturers give a guarantee of preserving the color of the panels, equal to 10 years, while the lifetime can reach 50 years.
  • Siding does not require special care, just wash it or clean it of dust and dirt with running water from a hose.

  • Due to the low weight of the load on the structure is minimal. Since the panels are tough, they tolerate shock and mechanical loads well, and also do not wear out.
  • The siding range is presented in a variety of colors and textures, which makes it possible to use it with various design ideas, as well as to realize the most extraordinary desires of the customer.
  • The cost of the panels is kept at an average level, and the quality is confirmed by a large number of positive reviews.

Among the shortcomings can be noted certain difficulties during installation, which are caused by the need for the selection of elements to match at the points of fastening.

Difference from analogs

The main difference between the panels "Dolomite" is the type of texture. It is an excellent imitation of masonry. And also it is impossible not to note the size. Panels with a length of 3 meters can be conveniently mounted on walls of different sizes. In comparison with other siding models, these panels have a reasonable price. Packaging reliably protects the material from moisture penetration, in addition, it is convenient to transport. And also the siding does not fade in the sun and does not crack under the influence of temperature drops.

Collection overview

The manufacturer produces several siding collections, which differ in appearance and size.

It is worth considering the most popular ones.

  • "Rocky Reef". This series is presented in two types of panels - "Lux" and "Premium". "Premium" has a matte finish, chestnut, granite and terracotta dominate among the flowers. The “Lux” panels differ primarily in size, they are 2 meters long and are an imitation of natural slate. Joints after installation of the elements of the collection are securely hidden, which is facilitated by specially mounted on the sides of the mount. The interposer is missing.

  • "Kuban sandstone". The collection is an imitation of crushed stone and in appearance resembles sandstone. The panels are very durable, they endure the negative effects of the environment, without deforming or cracking.
  • "Dolomite Exclusive". This series is distinguished by color range. The panels are made in shades of agate and granite, which are achieved in production using the technology of multiple staining, so the colors are mixed and beautifully shimmer in the light. Siding is recommended for covering houses located near highways with heavy traffic, as it can repel dust and other contaminants well.
  • "Dolomite dyed". In this model, all seams are painted over, which makes the appearance of the skin presentable and rich. At the same time, the collection has such a disadvantage as the need to use accessories in order to arrange the lateral joints.
  • "Slate". This series is an imitation of natural slate. Often it is used by consumers due to the ratio of low price and good quality products.


When choosing siding, it is necessary to take into account that any of the series, except for the panels itself, includes additional components necessary for the correct installation of elements, such as joining profiles, accessories for the design of doors and windows, and others. This is necessary so that the appearance of the building is completely finished. All materials have the same texture and color range.

The nuances of editing


The front siding "Dolomit" can be installed as attracting professionals, and independently. Installation is made on a certain technology and does not require special skills. First of all, it is necessary to begin with the installation of a batten, which can be made from both ordinary slats and from a metal profile that has a zinc coating.

The use of wooden components is not recommended so that, in the future, under the influence of external factors, they do not change their shape or deform the coating. As well as experts advise the use of a refractory heat insulator around the perimeter of the walls.

Further, a baseline is drawn, according to which the initial level is laid, corners are mounted, windows are made, profiles are installed, and after that the panels themselves are fixed. Installation of panels made from the back of the building.


Due to the ratio of price and quality, Dolomit siding is in deserved demand among consumers. Positive reviews confirm the undeniable merits of the material. Buyers note that the panels are very durable, while they have a small weight. Their cost allows the use of materials even economical owners. And also siding is available in a wide variety of colors, so even the most demanding consumer will be able to choose the right shade. The material is able to repel dirt, which makes it easy to maintain, as the panels do not require special care.

The panels are installed on the principle of laminate, which allows for installation even for people inexperienced in matters of finishing. At the same time, there is almost no waste, which indicates a significant saving of facing materials. Among the shortcomings, consumers note the possibility of a mismatch of shades in elements that are in the same package. Spiked spikes are missing, which may threaten the ingress of water under the casing. However, the Dolomit siding is considered to be a material that is able to transform the look of the house and maintain its decorative properties for many years of operation.


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