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Zelmer coffee maker

Rarely what kind of kitchen today does without such a household appliance as a coffee maker. Someone is a coffee machine, which can perform various functions, but someone is quite enough and the most simple drip device. If we talk about coffee makers Zelmer, they can be attributed to the golden mean. These are devices made of high-quality materials, but quite affordable.

Special features


In the coffee maker Zelmer You can make a delicious coffee. Some models of this brand have a cappuccino maker, which allows you to make a latte, cappuccino and any other drink, which includes milk. A cup of coffee in the morning is not just an opportunity to quickly cheer up after sleep, it can become a kind of ritual associated with the pleasant taste of coffee, with its aroma and with aesthetic pleasure, which gives this wonderful ceremony.

Everything is important here: what shape the cup is, what size it is, what the coffee maker itself looks like. If she has any unusual design, then it will decorate your life. If you become the proud owner of the sparkling polishing of metal parts of the Polish coffee maker Zelmer, then know that this is the kitchen “aristocrat” who is able not only to prepare a tasty drink, but also to decorate the room.

How to choose?

Of course, the number of additional features and options for body design are different. It all depends on the model. What is better to choose, each buyer decides for himself, determining this from the technical characteristics of the device.

Common features of Zelmer coffee makers:

  • the case is made of stainless steel and is of high strength;
  • these are powerful enough machines;
  • easy to operate;
  • it is possible to regulate coffee by strength, by volume and by heat;
  • have anti-drop system;
  • There is a function of heating the cups.

Some models have cup height adjustment and automatic cleaning - this is indicated in the instructions.


Devices designed for the volume of 1.2-1.5 liters. Real coffee connoisseurs believe that there are no devices better than pump-type "espresso", where coffee is prepared with the help of steam, which is fed through ground beans (due to high pressure). That's the way every model works. Zelmer. The electromagnetic pump built into this device is capable of providing pressure up to 18 bar, so it takes very little time to prepare the drink. Making coffee in a pump device means cooking a high-quality drink. Thanks to the heated stand, which is available in any of the models of devices Zelmer, cooked coffee will not cool. These household appliances are real technical masterpieces in which the masters put a part of their soul.

13Z014 Piano

This Polish model is the best in value (3,600 rubles) and very compact. Espresso coffee maker making coffee under pressure has a very romantic name. Its body is made in the form of a cylinder, and by this it compares favorably with other models, which are traditionally rectangular. Such coffee makers are black, brown, red. Typically, the body is stainless steel, and the plug-in elements of the cover for closing the containers with water and ground powder, the pan and bottom are colored. They contrast nicely with the silvery notes in the case design. In the model "Piano" There are two channels for the issuance of the finished product, so that coffee can be poured into two cups. Not every espresso coffee maker of this brand presented on the market will be as good as the model. "Zelmer Piano". Its feature is in a heating system designed in a special way. Water from a 1.2 liter tank passes through narrow channels with a total heating capacity of 1.2 kW, so that it heats up in a short time and is fed to the ground kernels. Some other devices of this Polish manufacturer have the same difference.

Coffee connoisseurs believe that there is nothing tastier than a thick, fragrant foam that is obtained from above. This effect can be achieved thanks to a specially developed system. "Crema"provided for in this particular model, and in all other options from this manufacturer. The process of foaming coffee is carried out, for which a special strainer with a double bottom is used. In the model "Piano" There is a nozzle that makes milk, thanks to which a “smart” device can please its owners not only with a cup of black coffee, but also with milk drinks (for example, latte, cappuccino).

13Z015 Nerro

In this model, the capacity for water is more spacious - 1.5 liters. The price of such a product is 5700 rubles. The heating elements have a power of 1.3 kW, and the pressure at which water enters the ground coffee tank is 18 bar. "Nerro" - a device of the classical form, as Polish developers imagine. Housing "Piano" they decided to make an original form, and in this model they began to adhere to traditions. However, the view of this coffee machine is still very pretty: the body of silver textured stainless steel combined with beautiful black plastic inserts. Stainless in this model is not only the case, this material was also used for the boiler, the ground coffee compartment and for the cup stand. Another difference of this model from "Piano" lies in its greater functionality, in the futuristic style of the panel and in the highlight of bright blue.

The electronic control panel consists of buttons for turning the device on and off, as well as for selecting one or another mode of operation. Illumination facilitates this choice, the inscriptions are not needed - everything is very simple and clear. In the model Zelmer "13Z015 Nerro" The function of brewing classic espresso coffee is combined with the ability to brew pods. You can measure off a portion of ground powder by yourself, or you can use a ready-made package. Most often, espresso coffee makers are different from chaldovye devices, and only "smart" machines Zelmer on the shoulder any task - they will make a delicious coffee in any way. Such a possibility of Polish home appliances was presented by technology "Easy Serving Espresso", which the developers took care of.

13Z016 Nerro Plus

This is a more advanced development. The cost of such a machine is approximately 6300 rubles, which is slightly higher than the price of the previous model. In terms of volume, it is the same, in terms of power, also not different "Nerro". The technical characteristics in both models are all the same, the only difference is in how the control panel is arranged.

There is a monochrome screen on which all the necessary information is visible:

  • what mode was chosen;
  • how many cups of coffee will come out;
  • how much is filled with water and much more.

All the necessary buttons fit in one row - directly below the screen. As always with models Zelmer, images and inscriptions are as concise as possible - what's on the screen, what's on the buttons. The fact that the inscriptions are practically absent, does not create problems for users, since the symbols are clear and easily remembered. There are devices designed for a tank volume of 2 liters or more. Company Coffee Makers Zelmer, the volume of which is up to one and a half liters, may well be suitable for a small family. If there are much more people, then it will not work out all at once. This is not very convenient, because someone will have to wait for the second batch of coffee and waste their time. It is much better to buy the most suitable device.

13Z013 Supremo

This semi-automatic model at one time is able to prepare espresso from 2.1 liters of water. The price of such a car is about 6,100 rubles. The housing consists exclusively of metal parts. Plastic inserts are absent here - only polished stainless steel. There is no display on the panel, there are only metal buttons with one small red LED next to the on-off key. Using these buttons, set the number of cups and one of the programs that will be used to make coffee. You can set the manual control of the entire process. Model "Supremo" can be called a coffee maker-mnogostanochnitsy, because it can make coffee and from powder and pods. You can use a special nozzle, which is included in any set of Polish coffee makers Zelmer. Steam in this machine is supplied with a pressure of 18 bar.

The quality of the prepared drink can not be any complaints, which is confirmed by numerous user reviews. What is even more pleasantly surprised by this model is a creamer. In this pretty stainless container, the walls are made quite high, so it is ideal for frothing milk if you need to make latte or cappuccino.

This model is rich in its advantages, but not without drawbacks:

  1. These include the possible course of a horn. This can happen if, for example, grinding the grains too finely or badly ramming the powder.
  2. On the metal case there will always be fingerprints.
  3. Many would like a cappuccinator to work a little faster.

But these are all disadvantages for Zelmer "13Z013". This coffee machine can be safely attributed to a good and inexpensive option.

13Z012 Maestro

In terms of cost, this coffee maker does not differ from the previous model - "Supremo". In terms of volume, they are also the same - you can pour 2.1 liters of water into the tank. In appearance, this coffee maker is somewhat similar to Zelmer "Nerro plus"because it has the same combination of steel and plastic elements. The control in both cases is carried out using buttons, and all information about settings and operating modes can be read from the liquid crystal display. The only difference is"Maestro"- in the buttons, in their location. The model is more spacious than "Nerro Plus"But the buttons found a place from two sides near the display. It is convenient to control the buttons thanks to the backlight (red LEDs). Adjust the required amount of water can be a rotary switch, which is located on the right (at the end of the case).

The display in this model can serve as a kitchen clock. You just need to set the time on your watch, and it can be seen at any time while in the kitchen. The numbers on the screen are sharp and large. The power of this coffee machine is not very large and is 1 kW. The pressure under which the hot water goes to the ground coffee tank is 15 bar. Let the parameters here are a bit weaker (if compared with other models), but for consumers there is absolutely no difference in the taste of the prepared drinks. You need to be a taster with a lot of experience to determine how an espresso is prepared - with a pressure of 15 bar or 18.


At the end of this charts - a model with a volume of 2.2 liters, having a capacity of 1.3 kW and the highest cost - about 20,000 rubles. The original appearance makes it look like the radios of old models, but such a touch does not spoil the kitchen interior, but it looks quite interesting. For the manufacture of the case there were used stainless steel and gray plastic that make up the same color range. The front panel also takes a monochrome display - next to the traditional buttons for control. It is possible to select a language to work with the display, including Russian.

This model is different from all the others with a built-in coffee grinder that has a compartment where grains are poured. The compartment is designed for 140 g. It is also important that you can decide for yourself whether the grinding will be dusty or coarse to one degree or another. This process is replaced by the following - brewing the finished powder with steam, whose pressure is 15 bar. With such a versatile device, you can quickly and easily prepare a delicious coffee that will be decorated with fragrant foam.



In the manual, which is necessarily attached to any model, it is noted that the device must be periodically cleaned. If this is not done, the coffee machine may soon require repair or complete replacement of some parts. And this can result in a round sum.

If you want to avoid costly repairs, follow these guidelines:

  • After making coffee, take a soft cloth, apply a light detergent on it and wash the coffee maker. Do it every time after using it.
  • For washing small parts suitable only warm running water.
  • Not every time, but sometimes be sure to use decalcifying agents.
  • Do not expose the body of the coffee maker itself, because the liquid should not fall inside - this will cause the device to become unusable.
  • Do not use aggressive detergents, as they may compromise the integrity of the coating and the interior. The best way to clean the coffee maker is to use microfiber cloth, which is used for washing cars, as well as glass.

If you want to buy a reliable and durable device, such coffee makers will not disappoint you. However, you should properly use the device, care for him. Then it will work long and efficiently.

Watch the video: Эспрессо кофеварка Zelmer Piano 13Z014 R - Espresso & Latte Эспрссо и Латте + Эксперт (November 2019).

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