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Design bedroom-living room of 17 square meters. m

Not all people have the opportunity to live in large spacious apartments. But even in a small and limited space, you can equip a cozy place to relax all the members of your family and meet dear guests. For example, often in the same room you can see the combined living room and bedroom.

For many, such living conditions become quite permissible, because properly dividing the zones and decorating the space with taste, you can become the owner of a comfortable nest in which everyone will be pleased to cross the threshold of this house.

Create a beautiful design of the bedroom-living room of 17 square meters. m. is quite a feasible task, especially if one does not neglect the main principles and rules for designing the internal space of a small room.

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When renovation ends or people are going to move into a new apartment, they should have a design project in their hands, where the boundaries of the zones in the room will be clearly marked, for example, the resting place is separated from the working space.

This separation will help to receive guests in the future and at the same time relax comfortably.

But before proceeding to the division of housing in 17 square meters, you need to learn about the main rules for creating an interior in a room where a sleeping corner and a living room will be combined:

  • The living room and the bedroom on the same square meters, although they play a different role in a person’s life, but one should not forget that this is the same room, therefore make out two zones should be in the same style. If the interiors of the two zones are visually different, this will create a sense of disharmony among homeowners and they will not be able to relax comfortably in such a room.
  • It is important to determine how much space will occupy a large area.. Starting from this point, you can choose the main style and design, for example, the bedroom, and adjust the interior of the living room to the one that already exists.
  • The bedroom area should be away from the front door. No unauthorized person should violate the personal space of the rest.

  • Most people are more comfortable falling asleep facing the window. Therefore, it is better to place the bed in such a way that the rest can see the street.
  • A lot of furniture in the room should not be. Superfluous things will create a flea market effect. A minimum of items - a guarantee of comfort and tranquility homeowners.

Space Sharing Methods

Successfully divide the modest apartments into two completely different in functional features of the area in different ways. For each apartment, you can choose the best option and focusing on your own flair and taste preferences, you can get a unique design.

If the area of ​​the apartment is 17 squares, the room can be divided into sections using:

  • Partitions. They come from a variety of materials: wood, glass, drywall. Sometimes the partition is combined with the head of the bed due to this technique, you can fence the place of sleep from prying eyes.

The original idea - a partition from the aquarium. Beautiful, unusual and helps to quickly fall asleep.

  • Curtains. Textiles divide zones well and add room lightness. You can always open the curtains, visually expanding the space, and at the right time, for example, in the evening, close, thereby separating the bedroom from the reception area. Not only light and transparent curtains are suitable for space demarcation, but also thick.
  • Screens Lightweight and mobile designs that visually do not overload the room.

They can serve as a partition and original decorating element.

  • Racking. A good way to divide the territory and save space. Books, figurines, picture frames and even clothes can be placed on the shelves.

Color separation

Reception of the game of color can also help to successfully divide the room into two separate territories. Different colors can be applied during:

  1. wall decorations;
  2. choosing the right furniture;
  3. selection of decorating elements.

In the bedroom you can paste over the walls with light beige wallpaper, and in the living room apply a thick beige color. Transitions between tones will not be very noticeable, which means that such a maneuver would be an excellent way to identify the spaces of interest.

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Furniture and other furnishings of original colors will also be great assistants in the issue of room zoning. For example, in the living room you can use rich purple - Purple carpet, purple ottomans, a chandelier in the same colors.

Having added housing with details similar in color type, one can advantageously emphasize the area for receiving visitors.

In the bedroom it is better not to work with a bright palette, you should pay attention to the soft pink, close color to the selected shade of the living room.

With this solution, the recreation area will be properly separated from the reception area.

What furniture will do?

The furniture that will decorate the bedroom-living room, can help to arrange the original room.

An excellent solution in the case of a small living space would be built-in furniture or such items that can be folded at the right moment or, conversely, decomposed.

Usually, a sofa is installed in the room, which in the evening can be expanded and assembled upon waking. All these manipulations quickly become annoying, moreover, such a couch will never replace a bed with a comfortable orthopedic mattress.

Solve the problem of insufficient space in the room of 17 square meters. m. can be using transforming furniture.

The transforming bed assumes itself installation of a berth in a so-called case or the niche which is specially equipped in a wall. With a light movement, even the most fragile woman can turn a living room into a sleeping corner. At the same time, all other pieces of furniture remain in their usual place; nothing needs to be moved.

If the house has high ceilings, the bed can be hidden in the podium section. At the time of sleep, it extends with the help of rollers, and then re-moves.

Choice of shades

All objects in the recreation area, including the color of the walls and the whole of the surrounding, should be soothed, and in the living room, on the contrary, cause a feeling of cheerfulness. The function of calming is done in pastel colors: milky, peach, blue, pink violet, and tender green will perform well.

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Red must be discarded. This color leads the human nervous system to a state of excitement. It is better to use it pointwise, adding original and memorable accents to the room.

For the living room are perfect deep blue, rich green, orange color.

Proper lighting

Lighting devices of the modern generation have been created not only to illuminate the surrounding space, they can be used to create luxurious interiors. This nuance will be a great helper in the design of a small room.

Designers advise to direct natural lighting to the sleep area, and artificially located in the living room. Bright chandeliers are suitable exclusively for the living room.

Different lighting options, such as sconces, floor lamps, artificial lights, will help to create a cozy atmosphere in the room and make the apartment more pleasant for living and receiving guests.

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