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White bedroom set

Bedroom - a place that should give comfort and aesthetic pleasure. A white bedroom set will help bring a feeling of freshness and peace to the room.

Special features


In modern design white furniture is very popular, and it is not by chance. White color is associated with purity and lightness. It calms, creates an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

A bedroom furnished with light-colored furniture is a great place to relax. After all, after a long day’s work, one wants to relax, “clear” the mind from worries and negative thoughts. A snow-white atmosphere will contribute to this.

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Opinion on the impracticality and white color of white is irrelevant in this case. In the recreation area pollution appears infrequently. It is enough to regularly wipe the dust, and the furniture will please you for a long time with impeccable appearance.

Another plus of the snow-white setting is the effect of the visual expansion of space. Especially this nuance is important for small rooms. A small bedroom will change if you decorate it with white furniture.

A large room with such an atmosphere will seem even more spacious. In this case, the number of pieces of furniture can be anything. Even a large wardrobe in such a color will seem weightless, and the rest of the headset elements will only add roominess to the room.

White bedroom set will be an excellent choice no matter what style in the design of the apartment you prefer. The main thing is to successfully select the curtains, lighting devices and other interior elements to create a harmonious ensemble.


Depending on the atmosphere you want to create in your home, a bedroom set may look completely different.


If you want to become the owner of the royal chambers, you can choose an exquisite baroque set. Volumetric carved decor, figured legs and other elements create an atmosphere of grandeur and luxury.

Here the charm of the past is met with the comfort of modernity. Elegant beds with a richly decorated headboard can be supplied with an orthopedic base or a box for linen. The internal space of the cabinets allows you to place things as practical as possible. At the same time waking up among the splendor of the Renaissance, you will feel like a royal person.

Furniture of this style is characterized not only by extravagant forms. In the design are often used elements that mimic gilding or coating surfaces with silver.

If you want to get a delicate bedroom with carved furniture that resembles air meringue, choose a monochromatic white set. Furniture with a luxurious golden patina will suit those who seriously intend to recreate the decoration of this palace in the room.

Vintage with silver - less fanciful, but no less spectacular option.


Sleeping set, made in a simple elegant style - a great option. Such models are characterized by concise, but elegant design, straight lines, the lack of a catchy decor.


The romance of Provence came to us from France. This style is preferred by subtle natures who dream of creating an atmosphere of simplicity, comfort and tenderness in their home.

The atmosphere of the French village of the past years is created with the help of pastel colors, an abundance of textile elements, floral prints. White set is ideal for this style, because it only enhances the feeling of freshness and lightness of the interior.

The furniture in this design is different grace. There may also be smooth lines, carved legs, openwork decor. However, unlike the "palace" version, such a headset does not create the sensation of ostentatious luxury and wealth. The bedroom in Provence style looks simple, but cozy and romantic.

Most often, this furniture is made of wood, but there are also beds with wrought iron backs. Sometimes headsets are stylized antique. In this case, an imitation of scuffs and chips is specially created. However, in the modern interior this direction is not very popular. More often the French style is embodied only with the help of forms and decor.

To complement the design of such a bedroom, you can use stucco, porcelain figurines, paintings in the Renaissance style.

High tech

If the ultramodern interior is closer to you, then the high-tech style is ideal for you. Strict lines, originality of design and maximum functionality - these are the characteristics of such furniture.

There is often a backlight, an abundance of glossy mirror and glass surfaces. Chrome metal is actively used, some headsets are decorated with rhinestones. Profitable modern style is underlined in black and white. Most modern-style bedrooms are made in the form of modular systems that can be completed at the request of the customer.

Some manufacturers offer furniture that is not just modern. It brings to the atmosphere of the room an element of fantasy and a sense of advanced technology. For example, a bed with the effect of "floating". Hidden legs create the illusion of furniture hanging in the air, and the LEDs built under the bed make the design even more spectacular.

Glossy room

One of the latest trends in interior design is glossy furniture. On the white bedroom in this version is to talk separately.

The main advantage of a glossy headset - a reflection of streams of light. Such furniture can solve the problem of poor daylight with the unsuccessful arrangement of windows. And if there are no problems with this, then the gloss will simply fill the entire room with light, creating a wonderful mood even on the gloomiest day.

Another advantage of glossy surfaces is the visual expansion of space. Like mirrors, iridescent facades create a feeling of additional space in the room, but without its reflection. The white color of the furniture only enhances this effect.

Glossy white bedroom looks luxurious in any design. Today, manufacturers use this type of design not only in modern headsets. Some classic-style furniture is also glossy.

The minus of such a bedroom is one. Gloss requires a particularly careful attitude. Scuffing and scratching may occur on such a surface, even from a couple of awkward movements during cleaning.

Combination with other colors

White furniture is undoubtedly very spectacular. However, if you put such a headset in a room with white walls, the room will resemble a hospital ward or just become faceless and uninteresting. To emphasize the expressiveness of the headset and the beauty of your bedroom, you should decorate the walls and floor in darker shades.

Consider the most successful color options to create a harmonious and spectacular interior with white furniture.

Beige color creates an atmosphere of comfort, tenderness and tranquility. White furniture in a beige bedroom will look especially tender and romantic. This combination is appropriate for any style. Also in this case, you can add a little golden hue. Bedspread or curtains with gold threads visually fill the room with soft light and warmth.

Decorating a room in gray tones is a fashion trend in a modern interior. In this combination, the room will look concise and stylish. This option is ideal for high-tech style.

Purple is another stylish option for creating a modern interior. This combination of colors looks very interesting.

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Pale pink walls will give the bedroom a special tenderness and romance, which snow-white furniture will only emphasize. This is an exclusively female version.

Blue is a nice shade. In combination with white, it can create a visual feeling of coolness and freshness in the room.

Pistachio - a color that is rarely used in the interior of bedrooms. However, if you like this shade, it will be well combined with a white bedroom suite. Especially this option is suitable for Provence style.

Turquoise effectively contrasts with white. However, you should not make out the walls of the bedroom in this shade. It is better to combine it with beige, brown or gray as bright details and accents.

If you still want to finish the walls in a white or very light shade and harmoniously enter the snow-white set there, you can choose the combination of white with other colors or wallpaper with a pattern.

Another option for the white interior - black and white furniture. So the headset will be able to stand out against the general background. And adding a few black or dark gray elements of the decor, you balance the color balance.

As for the black wall decoration - in the bedroom this version of the interior will look too gloomy and depressing. It is better to use a combination of black and white, or limit it to individual black elements - carpet, curtains, lamps.

How to choose?


When choosing a headset is not enough to decide on the color. It is worth considering a few important nuances.

  • The number of items required. Standard bedroom furniture includes a bed, wardrobe, dresser, dressing table and bedside tables. However, you should consider the size of the room. In the spacious bedroom you can put the whole complex, decorated in the same style. The owners of such a bedroom can afford a set with a wardrobe, and a six-door wardrobe. For a small room is enough for a bed, dresser and bedside tables. Overload the room with lots of furniture is not worth it.

  • Style. Decide what style of interior you prefer. It can be Classic, Modern or even Provence. It is important that the design of the walls and floor, the selection of curtains and other decorative elements match the style of the headset. Only in this way you will get a truly stylish and cozy room.
  • System modularity The modular bedroom is the epitome of convenience and functionality. Such systems include many elements that can be placed in any order and anywhere in the room. This allows you to make the most efficient use of space, for example, place some modules above the bed.

How to paint the furniture yourself?

If buying a new headset in your plans is not yet included, you can repaint the old furniture.

The process of changing colors involves several steps. First you need to sand the surface. Then you need to carefully inspect the furniture and identify any damage (chips, scratches) and, if present, putty.

Next is the process of grinding and priming. The final stage - the application of color. For this, acrylic paint is usually chosen.

However, it is important to understand that you will not receive the look of a new headset when self-painting. This option is appropriate for masking the obvious defects of old furniture or to create a nice headset for the garden.

If your furniture is in good condition, but you just want to change its color, it is better not to risk it. The result will disappoint you. It is better to wait for the purchase of a new headset that will truly decorate your bedroom.

Watch the video: Cottage Traditions White Bedroom Set by American Woodcrafters (November 2019).

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