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Japanese curtains

The Japanese interior style is becoming more and more popular. It harmoniously combines concise images, lightness and naturalness. An integral attribute here are the Japanese curtains. They are characterized by excellent appearance and stylish design. The room, complemented by such interior items, filled with originality, elegance, freshness and originality.

Design features

In appearance and other characteristics of the Japanese curtains are significantly different from the usual instances. These screen curtains have a unique design consisting of a retaining element located at the top, a base and a weighting agent. This configuration makes the process of their use as easy and comfortable as possible. All structural elements are of high quality, durability and functionality. Each model of Japanese-style curtains is a unique composition, made in beautiful colors with the use of modern technologies.

Japanese curtains have the following features:

  • The system of their work resembles the work of blinds, which consist of several sections, and their number depends on the size of the window. The width of one sectional canvas can reach 100 cm. The size directly depends on the necessary parameters for future use.
  • The management process takes place using a special cord and chain. Each panel moves on the principle of the screen. Such a system is very convenient and modern.
  • Natural materials, such as flax and cotton, as well as straws and bamboo fragments are used for manufacturing. Modern technology allows you to create blinds with the composition of both natural and synthetic fibers.
  • The color scheme is mainly characterized by pastel tones. Products can be not only monophonic, but also with bright and large drawings.
  • Cloths are fixed with the help of sliders, which differs from the standard fastening system.
  • Cornices are made in the form of a system of aluminum strips, supplemented with special holders and fixed to the wall or ceiling. They can be both single-row and include up to five rows of structures.
  • In the upper part of the curtains is completely missing the assembly, as well as any additional elements in the form of grabs, clamps and garters. Their important addition is a special rectifier, which gives products evenness and smoothness.

Beautiful Japanese curtains give unlimited freedom in the process of creating the original interior. They do not overload the situation, but quite the contrary, they bring to the atmosphere a certain novelty and originality.. Such elements of the interior give broad prospects for creativity. With them, you can effortlessly create a unique design in different textures and colors that will fill the house with a special atmosphere.


Modern Japanese curtains have several advantages in relation to other options:

  • cloths are made from high quality materials;
  • pleasant colors;
  • lack of drapery and assembly;
  • products well to be washed;
  • unique fastening system;
  • wide size range;
  • are practical and functional.

Stylish Japanese curtains will be the perfect solution for both small and more voluminous rooms. They are as simple as possible in operation and maintenance, due to which they are widely demanded for arranging the interior in residential premises, as well as in places of general visits. These products have been actively used by professional designers in interior design for many years, considering them to be universal and relevant in many interiors.

Ways to use

Japanese curtains can be safely used in a variety of rooms. These universal curtains allow you to create an extraordinary interior design in beautiful colors even in the most primitive room. Since the curtains are smooth and stretched, interesting prints, landscapes and paintings look gorgeous on their surface. These products perfectly complement the interior in oriental style and minimalism.

The design of Japanese curtains is unique, so these products are installed not only on the windows, but also as a separate element of the interior, such as a partition. Such an item to divide the room is considered the best option according to many designers. With this design, you can effortlessly divide one room into several zones. Experts recommend using for this purpose panel curtains of light colors.

It is believed that the light color scheme fills the interior with lightness and lightness, as well as visually expands the space.

The real trend is sliding Japanese curtains. Here the main thing is to choose the right model so that the product harmonizes with the rest of the interior. A professional approach allows you to bring into the atmosphere a certain touch of exotic and perfection. Curtains in the Japanese style do not lose their relevance for many years, filling every home with positive emotions and hospitality.

Types of mounting and control


In the process of interior design on the curtains, particular emphasis is placed. Fans of Japanese curtains are well aware that they can be closed and opened both manually and mechanically. Each model is characterized by an individual design, design and type of control. In this case, all Japanese curtains are equipped with a cornice, which is easily attached to the wall or ceiling and allows owners to change their design according to personal preferences.

Compared with curtains, Japanese curtains are more practical and functional. You can manage these structures with the help of cords, chains or special pens. Canvas curtains can be rearranged in some places, as well as changed to new models.

It should be noted that the eaves and panels are made very thoughtfully, ensuring silent and the easiest movement.

In order to create perfectly smooth webs, the lower edges are equipped with aluminum weighting materials, which are neatly hidden under the fabric. This feature allows Japanese curtains to always have a flawless and very elegant appearance. Their smooth texture and stylish design are able to surprise even the most capricious person. That is why Japanese curtains are considered to be a special design element and a real decoration of the general interior.

Manufacturing materials

Many manufacturers of Japanese curtains prefer to use materials exclusively of natural origin. It can be not only natural or artificial fabric, but also another basis for products, such as bamboo, straw, rice paper or jute. The texture and color of the Japanese curtains is the most diverse, which allows you to choose the most accurate option for a particular type of interior.

Products from silk, flax, cotton and sateen look very beautiful. Such specimens perfectly complements chiffon, taffeta and organza.

The degree of density of the material of Japanese curtains will directly determine how well they can protect the room from sun exposure. If the fabric is characterized by a translucent texture, then it will contribute to the uniform dispersion of daylight. It must be remembered that Fabrics from natural materials are characterized by increased environmental friendliness and a lesser degree of dust attraction.

The most popular materials for Japanese curtains include the following:

  • Flax and cotton. Curtains of these fabrics are characterized by perfect air permeability, protection from light and resistance to dust. They are in perfect harmony with products from the veil and tulle.
  • Silk. They are considered to be traditional in arranging the interior in oriental style. With them, the room is noticeably transformed, radiating some luxury and originality.
  • Organza. Products made from this material of artificial origin can be presented as separate compositions or in combination with dense textiles.
  • Textured textile. It has a very dense texture with the presence of a bright ornament or patterned compositions. Their appearance resembles a single picture and is often used as an original decor.
  • Bamboo. This type of Japanese curtains has high strength, durability and practicality. They are environmentally friendly and safe for health, which is favorably displayed on the general atmosphere.
  • Rice paper. Such curtains well pass light, but at the same time perfectly protect the room from prying eyes. With them, any room is filled with a special flavor that lovers of ethnic style will appreciate.

Japanese curtains are the perfect combination of Oriental motifs, practicality and minimalism. With them, any interior looks special, radiating incomparable beauty and peace. Where they are, the atmosphere of the mysterious country of Japan always reigns.

The house, in the interior of which there are such curtains, looks especially beautiful, radiating calm, tranquility and harmony.

Ideas for interior design


Exquisite interior in the style of Japan has a pleasant pastime thanks to its beauty and pleasant colors. Curtains in this style are capable of simultaneously performing several important functions: decorating a room and filling it with comfort, protecting it from light, as well as closing the room from prying eyes. Therefore, their choice must be approached very responsibly. Most importantly, these products complement the interior in the style of Minimalism, Loft, as well as ethnic and environmental. Japanese curtains have great views in large rooms with panoramic windows, but on narrow window frames they are not so appropriate.

Both single-color Japanese curtains, and with an ornament in the form of hieroglyphs or sakura twigs are perfect for the bedroom. They will visually expand the space and create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation. Products can have the most different length depending on individual preferences. Such curtains can be placed not only on the windows of the bedroom, but also used as a decorative panel for the wardrobe.

In the bedrooms with Japanese curtains you should not install a lot of furniture in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the interior.

Elegant Japanese curtains will be a wonderful decoration for the living room. With them she will look very bright, stylish and comfortable. Product design and material is selected according to the style of the interior. The most commonly used are monochromatic as well as floral and graphic long curtains, which are well combined with other interior items. Sometimes they prefer to combine with curtains of a different type, which is quite acceptable.

Bright Japanese curtains are ideal for children's room. It is best of all if it will be short monophonic products or with the image of beautiful landscapes. They are very functional, safe and practical, which is so important for such a room. With their help, you can easily divide the children's room into two zones: a playroom and a bedroom. Products in the Japanese style will make the room more interesting and rich.

In the kitchen fit Japanese shades of metallic shades. They will become not only decorative decoration of the kitchen room, but will also bring a certain comfort to the atmosphere. Here it is better to focus on products made of synthetic materials that are as resistant to moisture, fat and other adverse factors as possible. Exotic curtains with floral designs or Japanese characters will be appropriate here.

Very often, Japanese curtains are installed on the balcony due to their ease of use. Professional designers recommend using cooler colors for the south side, such as gray, blue or green.

For the north side, the correct solution will be saturated hues, which include red, orange and yellow.

Beautiful Japanese panels are actively used for zoning space.. These products can serve as a full-fledged door to the wardrobe, pantry or niche. These curtains are truly multifunctional, as they have an unsurpassed appearance not only on the windows, but also serve as an excellent alternative to doors and partitions.

Product care

Compared to traditional, Japanese curtains are made from a wide variety of materials. Based on the characteristics of a material will depend on the care of products. Fabric curtains can be washed using the washing machine on a delicate mode, strictly following the instructions. It is allowed to wash plastic constructions with a sponge in a soap solution, and also to wipe with a window washing liquid. Bamboo curtains are the most unpretentious, so vacuuming is enough for them.

In the fabric of the bottom there are special strings, which are necessarily removed immediately before washing. After cleaning or washing, Japanese curtains can be immediately hanged without waiting for them to completely dry. So they will find a smooth and smoothed look.

Every year, Japanese curtains are becoming increasingly popular. Numerous reviews indicate that these products are actively used to create a unique and cozy interior. Such a beautiful, functional and durable element is able for many years to please others not only with its incomparable appearance, but also practicality. The interior, complemented by Japanese curtains looks stylish, concise and aesthetically pleasing.

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