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Tables from Ikea: new items in the interior

Ikea furniture is quite popular in modern society. Many buyers give the choice to this manufacturer. After all, here you can find tables for every taste and color. In this article we will look at the main advantages of the tables of this company, as well as tell you what new products the company has and how to choose the right model for your home.

The advantages of furniture from Ikea


The fact that many buyers give preference to this company indicates the demand for the company's products. The main advantages of Ikea furniture include:

  • Excellent quality products. All products are created from high quality materials that serve a long time. This is one of the advantages of the products of this company. You will not have to spend a lot of time each time purchasing new furniture; it will be enough to buy a quality model once and use it.

The company's products include environmentally friendly materials. They are harmless, which means you can be calm for the health and well-being of all members of your family. The table is easy to use and safe.

  • Functionality. This parameter is also important. The table can perform not only its main function, but also replace other interior elements. Stylish modern models have various additional compartments, shelves, drawers for easy storage of various items you need.

With the help of a special mechanism you can easily change the configuration of the table-transformer. So you can make the best use of the product according to your requirements.

  • Compactness. Firm Ikea produces rather small models. Such tables are relevant to many apartments that do not have extra square meters. At the same time you can also find quite roomy and spacious options.
  • Extended lineup. The products of this company are characterized by a large assortment. Here you can find a table that you like. There are classic models, corner tables, transformers, working options for the kitchen and many others. You will only need to decide on the correct parameters that are necessary for your room to successfully enter the furniture.
  • A stylish addition to the interior. Each table of the company will be the highlight of your room. Such furniture should be selected on the basis of the style concept of your apartment. So you can successfully decorate the room, give it a stylish and trendy look.

Do not forget to correctly match the color parameters. This moment is also important to create a single solution for your apartment.

  • Unified concept. This advantage follows from the previous point. All Ikea furniture is created in one concept. That is why all the products are so well combined with each other. It will be easy not only to decorate the room, but also to rearrange it at any time, refreshing the interior and not losing a single line of style.
  • Availability. You can buy furniture in any company store. Before this, be sure to browse the catalog in order to pre-select those products that you liked. You can save your time as well as nerves.
  • Democratic value. The remarkable features of the company include the fact that here everyone will find a product not only to their liking, but also to afford. It will be possible to purchase a table based on the family budget that you have at the moment.
  • Great mood. By purchasing the table that is ideal for you, you can successfully complement your interior with it. The model will be the highlight of the room, will cause you only aesthetic pleasure and positive emotions.

Of course, among all the advantages, it is worth highlighting some of the drawbacks that are inherent in such furniture companies:

  • Standard furniture models. Ikea table is suitable for those people who are accustomed to simpler forms and discreet design. If you want to realize the most creative ideas, purchase carved design models, then you cannot do this.
  • Of course, the demand for products - an absolute plus of the company. In this case, you can not get any unique model, as the products are manufactured in large quantities. Therefore, you should not be surprised if you see such furniture with your friends or acquaintances.
  • Ambiguous cost issue. The price of the product will be based on the quality and quantity of the raw materials expended, the method of its processing, etc. Therefore, for some, the price may seem too high.

If you are not afraid of such negative sides, and you have identified for yourself the advantages of this company and its products, then you can safely buy such tables.

Table variations


Among the wide range of models of Ikea desks, the most relevant options to date should be highlighted. These include the following types:

  • Classic options. Such products can be comfortably placed in any room. They will be a great decoration and highlight of any room. The frame of this table can be wooden or metal.

In this case, a variety of wood arrays can be used. You can choose the appropriate option for your apartment.

  • With a rack. Such versions of the tables are quite original and at the same time comfortable. You can place the most important items here. Such a table will allow not only to perform its usual function, but also to store significant things.
  • On wheels. This table is characterized by increased mobility. You can easily move the product, change the layout. The table can be conveniently moved to the guests, arrange delicious food on it. Choose a model that will be in harmony with your single style concept.
  • Folding Such a lifting table will be very convenient, especially in small-sized apartments. Usually such models are invisible. If necessary, with the help of spontaneous movements, you can quickly expand the table and get an organized place to work, study or creative activities.

  • On the windowsill. These options are quite unusual and functional. They will allow you to comfortably and conveniently engage. There will always be natural light.

Table-sill has certain advantages in small rooms. This way you can not only save space, but also make your room stylish and creative.

  • Wall table. This option is rather unusual and interesting. The main purpose of such a piece of furniture - the most economical use of space. At the same time the design will give the room lightness and airiness. Accordingly, such furniture is attached to the wall.

Hinged tables Ikea pretty reliable and strong. You can choose a tabletop of a certain color range, which will be organically combined with the space of your room.

  • Table-chest. The original option may be a similar table. This model can perform a variety of functions. Here you can place snacks on a holiday, and various figurines.

This gadget will help to work fruitfully, as well as to store various important things for you. Choose furniture of the appropriate color, then the whole design will look harmonious.

  • With drawers. Such a model will be comfortable and convenient, above all, that will help to accommodate all the necessary items. Here you can place important books, documents and other necessary accessories.

  • With the bureau. Such options are quite compact and functional. Basically, such models are installed in bedrooms or offices. They are quite stylish and comfortable.

Can be both straight and angular. At the same time, such models are characterized by the presence of all the necessary boxes, shelves where you can conveniently store documents.

  • Combination table. Such models can easily adapt to any interior, complemented by various drawers or shelves, boxes, inserts. Models look quite stylish and modern. The device will be a good choice for both small and spacious apartments.

  • With wireless charging. An interesting option that will attract today's young people, as well as active citizens who always want to keep abreast of events and often use their gadgets. Now you can simply put your device on the table, where there is a plus sign, to recharge the model. Of course, such options are not cheap, while the convenience is worth it.
  • Boudoir. This table is traditionally located in the bedroom. He will help the fair sex always look great. Usually these products are made in an elegant style, where there is nothing superfluous.

Stylish boudoir table can be selected based on the concept of the room. Ikea offers a variety of options. Basically, they are all with mirrors and are most often performed in bright colors and white. After all, as you know, white color has a positive effect on the human psyche. Thus, whichever option you choose (swivel, suspended, classic), you should carefully consider the parameters of the product. Before going to the store you should definitely determine all the sizes of the intended product, as well as its location.



Choosing the size for your ideal table, you should be guided by the dimensions of your room. If you have a spacious apartment, where there is a lot of space for the realization of any ideas, then you can safely choose any model. These can be the biggest tables. In this case, you will need to decide only on their location in advance.

If you have a small room size, you should choose the appropriate furniture so as not to clutter the space and create a balanced harmonious appearance. You can pick up a long narrow table, compact and reliable. It will be the best option for your apartment. There are also special height-adjustable models. They also fit well into a small room.

When buying it is important to clearly define the dimensions of the model so that the purchase will bring you pleasure.

Actual forms


As for the actual forms, which are offered by the well-known company Ikea, then they can be attributed to them by tradition a square or rectangular table. There are options in different versions, which will pleasantly surprise buyers with its beauty and elegance. You can choose a triangular table. Due to its unusual shape, it will become an original highlight of your room. Remains at the top of the popularity of the corner option. This furniture allows you to optimally organize the space and use the corner. So you will save space in the apartment for other decor items.

There are also round tables that will appeal to many buyers. You can consider this option. Everything will depend on your concept, preferences, and opportunities.

Color solutions

From year to year, all light colors remain popular. White color is the leader. Such shades allow to visually expand the room, make it lighter, more spacious. Light tone will help to tune in a positive way. Therefore, acquiring such a table, you will not regret it. Popular and black tint. It is quite practical, and you can also successfully combine this color with other shades and styles.

You can highlight this year red, green, pink color. They will help to place all the accents in your room. Bright product will add joy to your home. Clear and transparent color, as well as the color of wenge. It should be attentive to the choice of tonality. The main thing is that all elements of the interior are combined.


Ikea tables can be made of a variety of materials:

  • Most buyers like the wooden table, which uses pine, oak, birch. This environmental material is safe as well as durable and reliable. Wood furniture will serve you for many years.
  • You can choose a quality plastic option.
  • The little table can be metal with a mirror, on nickel-plated legs, with a varnish coating.

The choice of material will depend on the style of your room, as well as on your chosen concept.


Today, the company Ikea is the choice of the buyer stylish and high-quality models. You can choose the color, style of the table, its parameters and sizes. It should be noted that the tables of Ikea do not have any very creative decor. All models are made in a laconic design. In this case, you yourself can create the product you need. For example, you can decorate the table with your own hands. You can make decoupage, paint the furniture, give it individuality and uniqueness. This will help not only to express yourself in the works, but also to create a stylish piece of furniture.


There is no doubt that the Ikea table will help you to organize a full-fledged workplace for you, to provide a comfortable location during lunch, and to fully meet your safety and convenience requirements. It is possible to purchase immediately a kit where there is a table top, chairs, a support, wall fasteners, as well as other important and necessary elements for a full-fledged life activity. All this is worth buying only in retail stores. Only there you can buy high-quality and reliable product that will allow you to feel the joy of each purchase.

Assembly instructions

Buying an attractive table of a well-known company, you should carefully read the assembly instructions. With it, you can quickly and easily assemble the product. Follow the instructions clearly and you can create the model you need. At the same time, if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to entrust this occupation to professionals.

How to choose?

An important feature when buying any product is the correctness of its choice. Of course, in order to protect oneself from counterfeiting, it is worth buying products only in company stores. In this case, do not forget to ask the seller a certificate of quality to ensure the perfect performance of the goods.

A few recommendations for choice:

  • When you come to the store, carefully examine all models. It is better to choose a more attractive option in advance so as not to waste time.
  • If you liked any model, then inspect it from all sides. The table should look neat and presentable. There should not be any cracks, cuts, dents and other deformations. If you see a defect, then it is better not to take such a model.
  • It is worth refusing purchase and if you felt a sharp unpleasant smell. Perhaps in the production of poor-quality materials were used and it is a fake.
  • Be sure to select the product in accordance with its stylistic concept. All furnishings should be properly combined with each other. The only way you can create a stylish look for your home. Also, items must be combined in color. Choose those shades that you like and which will help to place all the accents in the interior.
  • Many buyers dream to buy cheap high quality goods. It should be noted that the price includes raw materials, production, design, as well as other parameters. That is why quality models will not be too cheap. If you are limited in the budget, then you should pay attention to the optimal indicators of the price-quality parameter and choose an option that is acceptable for you.
  • Also, when choosing a product, you should focus on your own feelings and preferences. Do not blindly follow fashion trends. After all, this is your apartment, and that you will live in it.

Quality Reviews

Among the many reviews can be identified those that indicate the high quality of the goods. That is why this company is so popular. Customers note the high strength of the tables, their stability. Such models will serve for a long time. Also, buyers note a wide assortment selection of goods. You can select the tables of the desired functional direction. It will help you to work and study comfortably. As for the cost of goods, then the opinions of customers are divided. Many believe that the price is quite acceptable, as the product quality is at its best. Other buyers say overestimated value. Here, everything will depend on your capabilities and needs.

Beautiful examples in the interior


Modern tables Ikea are remarkable for their unusual forms, concise and stylish design, fresh ideas. You can choose any model and combine it with your style. For example, in the living room you can install a classic wooden table that will help to gather all family members at a gala dinner. An excellent option for the kitchen would be a sliding table. This model will help save space. When you want to eat, the product can be enlarged with a slight movement of the hand.

You can choose beautiful options for TV or buy a model on the original supports-goats. For the bedroom a great option would be a table-dresser. It is here that you can put all the necessary and necessary things, including bed linen and other important accessories. A similar function will be performed by the model with shelves. It can be placed in the office. In the same place it is possible to put also a sliding table. Он поможет сэкономить пространство. Крутящийся оригинальный вариант подойдет как для зала, так и для кухни.It is necessary to choose the optimal color palette and successfully combine it with the external design of the room.

Now you know how to choose the right product that will look organic in your room. Buy goods only in trusted stores to avoid fakes. Check the goods yourself, the work of all its mechanisms. Only in this way can you save yourself from a bad mood and a failed purchase. Do not be afraid to spend extra time when choosing a product. So you can accurately determine the desired model and seamlessly fit it into the interior.


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