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Are stretch ceilings harmful: myths and truth

Stretch ceilings are very popular in our country. They are original, diverse, beautiful. When the first wave of euphoria about previously unknown types of design ceilings subsided, the question arose whether they are not harmful to health.

Types of materials

Stretch ceilings - a suspended structure, consisting of a frame, fasteners and direct the canvas. It is clear that everyone wants his ceilings to be absolutely safe for a person living in an apartment.

Safety depends on the right choice of material from which the suspension structure is assembled. If the details of the base and attachment do not affect the human body, then the stretched canvas has such capabilities.

The material of the canvas of modern stretch ceilings can be made from:

  • PVC;
  • tissue.

PVC is an artificial material, it is a polyvinyl chloride film. Distinguish a film on color, thickness, density. The film is very durable, resistant to moisture.

Woven material is obtained from artificial polyester fibers (polyester). Canvases are impregnated with a special compound - polyurethane.

Impregnation is required to increase strength and resistance to moisture.

Properties and composition

At first glance, two types of material made in the same white color are difficult to distinguish. The differences are in composition.

Polyester Woven Fabrics with appropriate impregnation form "breathing" suspended ceilings. Such constructions are installed in a “cold” way, that is, without special equipment that heats the air to a hot state.

At a cost, textiles are much more expensive than film.

However, given its environmental friendliness and other advantages, for residential premises should choose this option.

PVC filmused for suspended ceilings, has more than 100 different colors. It is produced in various widths, capable of taking various forms. The price of the film is low.

Film ceiling takes a perfectly smooth look. Behind the panels, utilities, wiring, overlap flaws are easily covered.

PVC ceilings perfectly resist flammability. In the event of a fire, there is not burning, but material smoldering. The coating does not absorb odors, does not collect dust, is able to retain heat in the room.

The ceiling does not need to be painted. It is easy to take care of it, the film is well washed with mild detergents.

If necessary, the structure can be dismantled and reinstalled.

The disadvantages of PVC ceilings include several factors:

  • Unpleasant smell. After installation, it lasts from several hours to several days.
  • The inability to use in unheated rooms with temperatures below + 5 degrees.
  • Instability to mechanical stress.
  • In the presence of welding completely hide the seam fails.
  • Low quality polyvinyl chloride is hazardous to health. The effect of PVC on a person depends on the state of the material. When buying a film ceiling, you need to pay attention to the availability of quality certificates.

For fabric stretch ceilings used mesh polyester material. Impregnation of the ceiling can be carried out both on one and on both sides. Due to the width of the canvas of 4 meters, the suspension structure is seamless, which positively affects the appearance.

Fabrics do not have as wide color gamut as films. Color options quite a bit. But on the fabric is easy to apply photo printing. And after installation they can be painted.

Re-assembly is not recommended for woven structures. Caring for such suspended ceilings requires special skills. The material absorbs moisture, and with it dust and soot.

In order to remove contaminants, one has to work hard or invite specialists of a cleaning company to clean.

Recently, fiberglass fabrics have been used for stretch ceilings. The material is harmless to people and animals, and also very durable.

Effect on the microclimate

If we talk about the microclimate, then suspended ceilings do not have a significant effect on it. The main disadvantages are that they somewhat reduce the volume of the room. The lower the ceilings, the less air in the room. On the one hand, it is not bad. For example, in cold weather it will take less time to heat the room. On the other hand, a large company will very quickly become stuffy in a room with a low ceiling. The problem is solved with the help of air conditioning or simply opening the window.

Ventilation deterioration

Stretch ceilings have been used for a long time, and ventilation problems do not arise with them. Regardless of the type of ceiling, it is recommended to ventilate the room. Regularly ensuring the outflow of stagnant air and the influx of fresh air is useful both for people in the room and for the room itself. If we forget about airing where humid air accumulates, both fungus and mold will appear.

This happens in all rooms, regardless of how the ceiling is equipped.

Greenhouse effect

The myth of the greenhouse effect of suspended ceilings arose with the appearance of the innovation itself.

In principle, the appearance of the greenhouse effect is possible if there is a film which does not let the air through the ceiling, and plastic on the walls and floor. It is dangerous to be in such a room for a long time. Timely airing will protect people from a lack of oxygen, protect walls and ceilings from destruction.

Those who care about their health, strive to ennoble housing with natural materials. Fabric ceilings, paper wallpaper and wooden floor - and there is no greenhouse effect.

Let natural finishing materials are more expensive, but they are guaranteed not to cause harm to health.


It so happened that you can install only Chinese film ceilings. The Chinese have filled the markets throughout Eastern Europe. Even if some supplier or company begins to assure that their ceiling kits come from another manufacturer, you should not believe. From abroad, we only receive fabric stretch ceilings with a very high cost. All the film comes from China.

We have long been accustomed to the assertion that all Chinese bears only harm. How true is this statement, we will understand.

Production in the Middle Kingdom is developing rapidly. China is conquering new markets with a wide range of products. Certified products are more expensive, low-quality products are cheaper.

Naturally, the harmfulness is presented where the lowest cost.

Noncompliance with standards

Standards are different. Russian, for example, do not reach the European, the Chinese are somewhat inferior to the Russian. Products for export must comply with ISO international safety standards.

When buying a ceiling, you should make sure that there is a document confirming its compliance with the established requirements. Relevant certificates are always available from sellers or organizations providing installation services for suspended ceilings. Refusal to show the document indicates the absence of a certificate and non-compliance of the product with standards, that is, its low quality.

Excess of norms of harmful substances

This situation, when a high degree of excess substances that are harmful to humans, threatens him with serious trouble, even death.

The most harmful substances, the presence of which is possible in low-quality materials, are several chemical compounds.

  • Phenol. Phenol fumes are poisonous. They tend to accumulate in the body. When poisoning with vapors of phenol observed vomiting, weakness, low blood pressure. Long-term poisoning with small doses leads to the damage of internal organs, nervous system disorder.
  • Cadmium. Able to cause the appearance of malignant tumors, washes away calcium from bones, damages kidneys and liver. The accumulation of heavy metal in the body is fatal.

  • Methylbenzene. Very harmful substance. Inhalation of its vapor causes damage to the entire body.
  • Chlorine. Scary toxin. It can damage the lungs so that normal breathing becomes impossible. A person who inhales chlorine vapor, first loses consciousness, and then, in the absence of timely assistance, and life.

Smell of quality

Initially, odor is present in all film canvases. High-quality specimens are distinguished by the fact that the persistent smell quickly disappears. After two days there is a subtle scent.

The presence of odors is allowed within two weeks after the installation of the ceiling. Breathing them is not worth it. Better for the period of complete weathering of harmful substances not to enter the room. And if this is an apartment or house, then it is better to move to relatives for a while or go on a trip.

The alarm must be beaten while maintaining a persistent odor after a deadline of 14 days. Odor detects poor quality material.

Leaving such a ceiling in the house is completely unacceptable.

Environmental standard

Quality products, in particular, suspended ceilings, must comply with a variety of standards. Safety is guaranteed if the ceiling is ISO 9001 certified.

Textile products, including stretch ceilings, are checked for the absence of harmful substances that can adversely affect a person, using the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 system.

Fire safety of suspended ceilings is certified by an IMO certificate. And the presence of antifungal and antibacterial coating on ceiling canvases is confirmed by the European certificate Sanitized.

Since 2012, mandatory labeling of cloths for stretch ceilings has been introduced. The presence of the imprint "A +" indicates a minimum content of volatile compounds in the material.


The official opinion of doctors coincides with reality. The use of natural materials is confirmed.

When choosing a material for a stretch canvas, you need to remember that in the children's rooms and bedrooms you can install only fabric webs. This ceiling is well ventilated, does not emit harmful substances when heated. It is absolutely safe for health.

Not all film ceilings affect the human body negatively. Only low-quality specimens are dangerous. The greatest harm is caused by couples. Heavy smell is impossible to notice. If it is present for more than two weeks, without hesitation, remove the canvas, and ventilate the room.

We hope that your repair will do without excesses, and the installed stretch ceiling will please the eye for a long time.

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