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How to hang the curtains?

Modern windows have become so reliable and beautiful that the protective function of curtains fades into the background, and their decorative properties are leading. Properly selected curtains are an organic part of the interior, creating a feeling of comfort and harmony. Since there are many varieties of curtains, the question of how to properly hang them turns out to be very relevant. Modern draperies can be both heavy multi-layered and airy, both classic vertical and roll, and each of them requires its own method of attachment.

Types of mounts


The choice of fastening for curtains is determined by both the characteristics of the fabric, and decorative tasks. There is a huge variety of traditional and innovative accessories available for sale:

  • hooks;
  • clips;
  • clothespins "crocodiles";
  • rings and grommets;
  • Velcro.

Hooks - this is one of the most familiar types of fastening curtains. For all the simplicity of this method, it also has certain disadvantages: in the place of attachment, heavy fabric is drawn out, thin plastic hooks break, and the decorative properties of this type of attachment are small. You can avoid pulling the material by hanging the curtains on a band or on a curtain tape. Clips are good because they allow you to easily fasten the curtains and control them with special cables, but you can only use clips for light fabrics. More dense curtains can hang on clothespins that have small teeth. The disadvantage of this method is that even with a slight tension of the fabric, it pops out of the clip.

For thick fabrics with an abundance of folds, rings and eyelets are used, which are sewn into the upper edge of the curtain. This method of attachment is only suitable if you use a cornice-barbell. An even number of grommets allows you to create bulk curvaceous draperies with a large number of even folds. Rings and grommets are transparent, colored, finished under the metal. It is advisable to select them in accordance with the color of the eaves.

To protect the upper edge of the material, use a curtain tape.. There are special tapes for grommets, facilitating work with delicate fabrics. However, this method is far from universal - it is not suitable for transparent light fabrics. Curtains can also be hung on specially stitched loops of fabric that matches the material of the curtains, or of a fabric of a different type and shade. Curtains with hinges can be conveniently hung, moved apart and pushed in without fear of damaging the fabric, but this method requires a rod in the form of a rod. On the other hand, nets that are neatly made and decorated with buttons or bows look amazing.

A very simple and convenient method of fixing the curtains with Velcro. Self-adhesive velcro can withstand a fairly large load, durable, allows you to easily fasten the curtains on the rod or bar. This mount can be decorated with a nice decor. However, this method is suitable for curtains that will not move apart, so it is better to use it for lambrequins.

A modern, very decorative type of fastening is the use of special magnets. The upper edge of the curtain is caught by large or small magnets, and the cord is thrown over the bar. The method of hanging curtains on magnets is good because it allows you to quickly fix not too heavy curtains, at the same time decorating them in the style of the interior.

Another option for fastening curtains without the use of fittings is a “drawstring” that completely hides the rod or bar. If the fabric is light enough, then such a curtain can be collected in beautiful folds.

A separate type of curtains are rolled curtains. They are highly functional, easy to maintain, well protected from sunlight, which is important for premises oriented to the south-west. In addition, they can be mounted both above the window and directly to the window, which makes them analogous to the blinds. Rolled curtains perfectly serve as night curtains in the bedroom and in the children's room, and the variety of colors, patterns and types of material allows you to choose the best option.

We select by type of window


The choice of the method by which you can effectively hang the curtains depends not only on personal taste or finances, but also on the type and design of the window, the height and material of the ceiling, the presence of a niche, the strength of the wall, etc. For ordinary plastic windows, curtains are easy hang with any of the existing eaves, then on the arched or on the corner window will have to choose your method of attachment.

One of the most common and reliable eaves is a cornice-bar, which is made of wood, metal, plastic.

Curtains are attached to it with rings, eyelets, loops, velcro, magnets or ties. It may consist of several rows, on which hang tulle curtains, thick curtains and lambrequin. In a special way, two tubular cornices are used to hang the curtains on the corner window.

The complex geometry of the windows is often found in country houses on the top floor. The non-standard shape of the window makes it difficult to choose curtains and the method of fastening the eaves, because it in itself attracts attention and requires simplicity and organic solutions. On an oblique window, you should not choose too complicated curvy curtains - it is more difficult to cope with them, besides, they dim the lights a lot. The fabric for dormer windows is better to choose a lighter one, so that it keeps its shape well and does not slip from the eaves.

On the beveled or on the triangular windows it is necessary to install a special profile cornice with clamps that prevent the fabric from slipping. Such cornices are installed on the ceiling or mounted on the wall with the help of brackets. Curtains for such non-standard windows have a special enlarged side on the top and are not designed to be moved apart. Lambrequins in such cases are planned if there is enough space for them.

If the window has an intricate shape and install the eaves seems irrational, you can use special decorative holders - spirals or hooks, on which the curtain is hung. The result is smooth, slightly sloppy folds.. In order to avoid sagging of the fabric, the curtains are advised to be made longer so that their bottom edge lies on the floor.

Roman curtains or pleated blinds can be ordered for oblique and triangular windows, which will be both beautiful and functional.

If the room has two windows side by side, you can use a common cornice, creating a single composition using a single lambrequin. Thick curtains are located on one side of each window. These windows allow you to hang curtain curtains with lots of folds. If the windows have a different width of the window sill, it is necessary to focus on the widest. Curtains should hang loose without touching the edge of the window sill. To hang the curtains on the bay or on the arched windows, it is better to use flexible polymer-metal cornices.

High windows allow you to experiment with the number of folds, cascades and festoons. Cornice for high windows often have to choose the ceiling, because there may not be enough wall space above the window for secure mounting of the cornice.

Interesting ways

Today, the options are beautiful and original hang curtains are how numerous, that the choice really turns out to be difficult. The main condition is to take into account the geometry of the window and the overall style of the interior. If you plan to install the curtain rods yourself, take into account how easy it will be to hang and remove the curtains, whether the curtains will slide apart, how many layers of drapery the curtain rod must withstand.

If you prefer the classic style, the baguette cornice will help you correctly and easily place both light tulle and intricate curtains with ruffles or puffs. You can create your own unique ensemble, taking into account the reliability of the brackets. If standard windows require the installation of 2 brackets, then for wide panoramic windows may require additional mounting. It should also be noted that the eaves should be 15-20 cm to protrude on the borders of the window opening.

With a stretch ceiling, the cornice is hidden, and the curtains fall as if directly from the ceiling, which looks quite unusual and beautiful. A similar effect can be achieved with the help of a ceiling eaves. Long curtains under the ceiling visually increase the vertical space, which is important in small apartments.

If the room is decorated in the style of Minimalism or in a business style, then the round metal cornice and cornice-string, on which translucent light curtains are placed, would be quite appropriate.

In the interior, decorated in the style of Country or Provence, curtain rods imitating artistic forging with patina and forged decorative elements on the sides are more often used. In terms of style, the curtains should correspond to the eaves: relatively light, natural fabrics with a floral design will be appropriate.

Optimal distance


To correctly calculate the length of the eaves and install it taking into account the features of the wall and the window, you need to measure:

  • distance from the upper border of the window opening to the ceiling;
  • window width;
  • distance from the wall to the curtain;
  • total wall length.

The curtains should hang down smoothly, not lying on the window sill, so when calculating the distance from the wall, add 5 cm to the ledge of the window sill and the battery.

The height of the curtains can vary quite strongly. If in the nursery or in the kitchen there is enough length to the window sill, then in the bedroom and in the living room the curtains are in most cases long, on the floor. If the curtains go down below the sill, then to give them a neat look in the extended position, you need to use magnetic or fabric holders. Such curtains should come to an end at the level of a radiator of heating.

Curtains "cafe" - the most unassuming of the existing options. They cover only the lower part of the window and fit well into the design of the kitchen. However, not in all cases it is assumed that the bottom edge of the drapery will lie on the floor. In order not to hem the curtains after they were hung, calculate the optimal distance from the floor to the bottom edge of all drapery layers, which should not exceed 3-5 cm. When cutting the fabric, be sure to leave allowance for edge processing.

Popular models

Choosing a curtain model is a fascinating, but not an easy task. In addition to the decorative fabric, you need to take into account how the version you like will fit into the already created interior. In the bedroom, facing the sunny side or on a street well lit at night, heavy blackout curtains will be a must. On the other hand, small narrow windows that allow little light, it is undesirable to close the multi-layer drape. Curtains for wide panoramic windows can consist of three parts - straight side curtains and central, selected in the form of an elegant glass.

The classic French-style drapery consists of at least 3 layers - a light lace or tulle curtain, gathered in elegant folds, thick curtains on the sides and an ornate lambrequin. If there is not enough natural lighting or a picturesque view opens from the window, then you can do without curtains. Currently, various types of curtains are popular. lush Baroque style, refined Italian, cozy Austrian, concise Roman, minimalist Japanese. The choice of style is dictated by the purpose and design features of the room.

Recently, improvised drapes have become fashionable, creating a relaxed atmosphere of home comfort. They, as a rule, are not moved apart and keep on separate hooks or spirals. Their fastening and design open wide spaces for imagination.

Examples in the interior

The richest possibilities for curtain design are in the hall or in the living room, where the windows are wide enough to accommodate not only classic curtains, but also unusually tailored lambrequins, cascades and garlands. Here it is advantageous to combine heavy and light fabrics, achieving the effect of monumentality or, conversely, airiness and dynamism. In the bedroom should hang thick curtains that will jam the light of street lamps at night and protect from the bright light in the morning. In a small room, the curtains can be replaced with Roman or roller blinds, which successfully perform the same function without taking up much space. Lace or tulle curtains will protect the room from prying eyes without shading it.

In a room where children sleep and play, it is also wise to combine an easy-to-use roller blinds with bright curtains up to the window sill. Warm optimistic colors will fill this room with a feeling of comfort and joy.

In the kitchen, curtains should be tailored from a fabric that tolerates frequent washing, so delicate natural fabrics are not the best choice. Synthetic lightweight fabrics that do not require ironing - this is what is suitable for kitchen windows. There are fabrics impregnated with a special compound that prevents ignition, which is very important in the kitchen. The length of the kitchen curtains is selected depending on the size of the room, but the most common option remains light, with a small number of folds curtain to the window sill or to the radiator, which is fixed on the sides of the magnetic holders. Since the kitchen is often ventilated, there is no need to hang tulle here, making it difficult to breath.

The question of whether to hang the curtains on the balcony, in different cases is solved in its own way based on the size and orientation of the balcony on the cardinal points. On the south side in the summer, the curtains will protect the balcony and the room from heat and dust, but in winter they will seem redundant. It is not practical to hang the curtains on the north or west balcony, this decoration will eventually be non-functional. The abundance of options for placing curtains imposes on owners a certain responsibility when choosing them. Many factors need to be considered before deciding on the final version. What will outweigh the choice of curtains - their beauty, originality or practicality - is an exclusively personal decision, but expert advice in this situation will help to significantly reduce both time and money.

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