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Tarkett laminate: the pros and cons

Starting repair, the consumer is faced with an incredible variety of choice of flooring. Modern materials have different characteristics and differ in the possibilities of their use in certain areas. Depending on the purpose of use, the required design and budget possibilities, you can find a suitable floor covering, the most popular of which is laminate. Next, we dwell on the pros and cons of Tarkett laminate.

About company

The world-famous Swedish company Tarkett began its history in 1886, when they were just beginning to actively develop and introduce new technologies for the manufacture of flooring. This company occupies a leading place among manufacturers of laminate. Product certification occurs at the stage of mass production. On the official website of the Tarkett company, a consumer can get acquainted with certificate of conformity and other documents confirming safety and environmental friendliness of products.

Production technology


Since 2010, the production of laminate flooring has been launched in Mytishchi, Moscow Region. And now this plant is the most modern and technical equipped not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries. 120 highly qualified specialists from Russia, Serbia and Germany work at its production sites.

The production of laminate includes the preparation of different layers that perform specific functions:

  • the first layer on top of transparent paper, specially impregnated with an admixture of aluminum oxide particles, protects the panel;
  • the next decorative layer of a specific paper with an ornament;
  • HDF (MDF) -plate is a high density fibreboard, the essence of which lies in the impregnation of a specific wax or silicone compound under very high pressure, which helps to ensure the tightness of the laminate, prolongs its service life;
  • The compensating (balancing) layer is represented by kraft paper, which is impregnated with melamine resin, providing excellent adhesion of all layers of the laminate, and significantly increases the strength of the lamella.

All layers are connected under the press at the same time. This production technology is called direct extrusion lamination or DPL.


Tarkett laminate is distinguished by high technical and decorative characteristics:

  • durability and wear resistance of sheet laminate is possible due to the coating of a special layer of PVC that protects the floor from various damages and environmental influences;
  • moisture resistance and water resistance is achieved by using the latest technologies in the production process. Recently, vinyl coatings have often been used in high humidity areas, which have been recognized by consumers. Treatment of joints by the method of hot welding allows to achieve full watertightness of the base of the floor, thanks to which the panels become moisture resistant;
  • a huge palette of color and design solutions. The buyer can always choose the option that meets all his requirements. In the product catalog there is a complete description of each collection presented.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the most important advantages of Tarkett laminate is considered to be a specific coating according to the technology. CML. At the same time, between the previously listed layers, two more sheets of kraft paper are laid, thanks to which all the layers of the panel are firmly fixed to each other, and the finished product is highly durable and meets German quality standards.

The obvious advantage of laminated flooring of this European company is the use of special high density fibreboard as base layer, which creates excellent protection from moisture and water. And yet, with daily care of this flooring, do not use large amounts of water and scouring powders that can scratch the panels.

However, like any other flooring, the laminate of this company has its drawbacks. For example, it is not able to retain heat, and also has a high sound permeability, which forces the consumer to use additional substrates that compensate for the disadvantages listed above.

Styling Features

Tarkett, a European company, developed and introduced a lock system for the production of laminate floor panels. T-lock. It allows you not only to quickly and easily connect the lamellae, but also to create an almost invisible and reliable joint. Thanks to such a locking system, it is possible to cope with the installation of the laminate even without consulting a specialist.

The process of laying material is divided into two stages:

  • foundation preparation;
  • installation of laminate.

The essence of the first stage is to ensure the dryness and evenness of the base of the floor. So, when laying laminate on the floor of concrete, you need to make sure how well the surface is dried. Otherwise, the panels can absorb the excess moisture, which will lead to their deformation. At the same time, even small irregularities can cause the failure of the locking system, which will inevitably lead to a deterioration in the quality of laminated panels. To level the small differences of the base and reduce the sound permeability, a substrate for the laminate with a thickness of 2-3 mm is laid on the floor.

When installing laminate flooring using a floating method when the panels are not attached to the base. A big mistake would be to stick them to the floor. The most convenient way to start laying laminate from the far left corner. It is best to start from the wall with a window. In this case, the joints between the panels will be less noticeable.

The panels are connected first in width, and then join the long rows. Planks need to be connected at an angle of 45 degrees, then carefully lower until it clicks. For the thermal gap at the junction of the plank and the wall, expansion wedges made of plastic are placed, which, after completion of the installation of the floor covering, can be removed if desired.

It is necessary to take into account several subtleties when laying laminate flooring:

  • Before starting work, you need to ensure the integrity of all the slats and allow them to lie down for about two days to adapt to the conditions of the room in which the laminate is planned to be installed;
  • do not forget to leave a distance of about 1 cm between the wall and the laminate;
  • joints in width in adjacent rows should not be next to each other (laying laminate by type of brickwork).

Instructions for laying Tarkett laminate is quite simple and is contained in each manufacturer packaging.


Tarkett company produces laminated floor coverings of 32 and 33 classes, the most popular among buyers from around the world, and also represents a new generation of vinyl laminate of 34 classes. The finished products of Tarkett laminated coatings are presented in three groups of various collections:

  • Art group includes 6 collections;
  • Family group includes only 3 collections;
  • Traveler group includes 7 collections.

Below is a brief description of the currently best 11 types of Tarkett laminated panels, based on class membership, valid certificates, a variety of design solutions, using special effects:

  • First place goes to the collection Artisan groups Art 33 class. Artisan is characterized by high strength, wear resistance and durability. These models can be safely used in rooms with high traffic. They have a comfortable and reliable thickness of the board (size 129.2 × 19.4 × 0.9 cm). The collection includes models of different luster and different colors

  • Second place - collection Estetica group Art 33 class. This collection appears to the buyer in bright colors, conveying tenderness and tranquility. These models can easily suit all tastes and will be appropriate in the interiors of various residential premises, be it a study, living room, kitchen, bedroom or children's room. There is also a wide range of colors. In this collection, the methods of imitation of an aged tree are effectively used. A well-structured surface allows for a long time to keep the design, the lamellae are not subject to abrasion and fading.

  • Closes the top three collection Robinson Traveler group is also 33 classes. When creating this collection, inspiration was presented by exotic tree species used in interesting color and design solutions. This collection is made without chamfer, but it is highly resistant to scratches and wear.

  • Fourth place - collection Woodstock Group Family 33 class. The basis in this line is taken wealth, elegance, nobility and solid oak. The palette of models of this collection includes not only the standard light and dark colors, but also quite bright shades. At the same time, they all convey a sense of warmth and care. Among the 18 models of the collection, you can find interesting solutions for any interior design - strict classics, restrained minimalism, vintage or modern style.

  • Fifth place - collection Intermezzo group Art 33 class. It is made with the use of technology True touch, which allows to convey the natural wood structure as detailed as possible and create an effect of infinity by precisely moving the pattern from board to board. However, this collection is expensive.

  • Sixth place - collection Navigator Group Traveler 33 class. A relatively new modern line with a not very large variation of design solutions, made in the marine theme. The models have all the latest and most popular processing effects. And this is one of the few collections of the manufacturer, whose board thickness is 12 mm. The 4-sided chamfer at the panels is impregnated with a special hydrophobic solution, which allows using the coating in rooms of high humidity.

  • The seventh place is the collection Fiesta Group Family 32 class. This series is designed to create home comfort in any room. These models are presented in a wide range of colors from light to darkest shades and are suitable for the realization of the most daring and bright design ideas. At the same time, the collection has an affordable price.

  • Eighth place - collection Cinema group Art 32 class. All 8 models in this series are designed in vintage style, the main idea of ​​which is cinematography and personalities that have left their mark on history. These models are united by one effect - aged worn wood. The panels have a chrome or matte surface. Laminate models are presented, the edges of which are darkened. This technique is called an optical chamfer.

  • Ninth place - collection Holiday group Family 32 class. The line is represented by a rich model range of 15 species. There are models of both dark and popular light shades, as well as bright colors that are suitable for embodying the design in completely different style directions.
  • The tenth place is occupied by the collection Rivera Group Traveler 33 class. Laminate from this collection can be used both in residential and office premises. The Rivera collection received its inspiration on the Mediterranean coast. It gives the consumer ease, ease and comfort. In appearance, the panel very reliably imitate the floorboard with textured and deep pattern of natural wood.

  • And closes our rating collection Lamin'Art Art group 32 class. This line has a modern conceptual design, presented in areas such as "white and black specks", "painted wood", "patchwork light." A prominent feature of the Lamin'Art collection is the panel width increased to 331 mm.

Nowadays vinyl laminate is gaining popularity, which is used in rooms with very high humidity, such as bathrooms, toilets or outdoor terraces. Tarkett presents new vinyl laminate collections with significantly different production characteristics. used technologies and design solutions:

  • Jazz - it is a high-quality laminate of the most different colors, imitating natural wood, and there are also two collections with stone decor;
  • Lounge - These are 27 types of laminate models that convey a rich texture of wood and tile. The models are chamfered on all sides of the panel and are very high quality, durable and waterproof laminate 34 class;
  • New age it is distinguished by bold design solutions that imitate the structure and diversity of rare tree species from southern countries and the reality of stone tiles.


All Tarkett laminate collections are presented by models with bright interesting decor for wood, tile and stone. The consumer is offered a variety of colors and shades that emphasize the interior design of the room and help create the right atmosphere.

Laminated panels, such as group collection models Family, painted in honey or warm pastel and beige shades ("royal oak light", "oak light sherwood", "oak weekend", "oak promenade") will be easily combined with the doors, furniture, ceiling and walls of almost any color. So, a tandem of shades of beige and yellow colors will fill the room with warm light and comfort.

These colors are very popular with the consumer, as they require the least care.

On such panels are much less visible marks, stains and scratches. But the coffee and natural brown color of the laminate board (for example, Pyrenean Oak, Young Walnut, Honey Oak Sherwood Oak, Sunny Oak) will give the room solidity and nobility. If there are cold shades used in the interior of the room and furniture decoration, it is appropriate to use gray shades of white oak in the design of the floor. Such collection models are perfect Rivera, Robinson, Gallery as "patchwork dark gray", "Himalayan pine", "Zen of the sea", "Japanese chestnut", "Gibraltar".

The floor painted white creates a feeling of space, lightness, and in combination with light walls it helps to visually expand the room. White laminate is actively used in cutting-edge and minimalist styles. The actual design of the room in graphic style will help to create a tandem of black and white laminate.

Examples and options


Country-style design or rustic style imply a large amount of rich wooden structure. And in this case, expensive natural wood can be easily replaced with a beautiful laminate.

Dark shades with a pronounced woody structure are best suited:

  • In a comfortable Provencal style, designed to give the room simplicity and ease, it is appropriate to use a laminate of bright colors, possibly with the effect of aged wood.
  • The monochrome combination of black and white in the interior, such as, for example, in the style of minimalism or high-tech, creates an atmosphere of restraint, purity and freshness.
  • The most courageous design decisions will help to embody a laminate of bright shades.
  • With the help of different textures and color shades you can perfectly zone a room.

Which is better to choose?

In the name of a particular model or collection you can often find numbers (833, 932), which have their own designation:

  • the first digit indicates the size of the thickness of the board in millimeters;
  • the second two digits are the class of exploitation.

The thickness of the panel in different collections is different and varies from 6 to 14 mm. The optimal width is 8 mm, but if you intend to put heavy furniture or other objects on the laminate, it is better to purchase the most thick coating: 10-12 mm. A denser laminate has better thermal insulation, but also costs more. When laying Tarkett laminate flooring, it is allowed to use a "warm floor", but the temperature limit of 27 degrees should not be exceeded.

For laying in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, bathrooms, terraces) use vinyl laminate 34 classes. In the production of such panels used reliable technology that provides water resistance.

Laminate 32 class is considered the best choice for home use. If you plan to use laminate in commercial premises with high traffic, you should opt for laminate flooring from collections of 33 class. At observance of all rules of operation such coverage will last for many years and will not lose its properties and characteristics.

Buyers often give conflicting reviews about this material: someone notes the high cost, although the model range of this company is represented quite widely, and you can choose an option in a comfortable price category. But in the reviews on the models of the cheaper class, there are often complaints that dents remain after the rearrangement of furniture or heavy objects. Some consumers do not like the way of laying, because it is quite specific. Many celebrate need for frequent cleaning Some models of laminate due to constant footprints, dust, which are visible in daylight.

But, in general, the reviews on Tarkett laminate are positive - consumers note high wear resistance and moisture resistance, a true European product quality.

Watch the video: Tarkett Laminate Flooring Installation (November 2019).

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