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Zambaiti wallpaper: elegant interior solutions

Zambaiti is engaged in the production of wallpaper by the same name Italian company, which for more than 40 years has been presenting its unique products on the world market of finishing materials. Relying on its many years of experience, using the latest design developments and following the latest fashion trends, the company produces exclusive collections and occupies a leading position among European manufacturers. To date, the company's specialists have launched production of more than one and a half thousand models, which are of high quality and unique design.


Zambaiti wallpapers are well known to both foreign and domestic consumers. The growing demand for products due to the following advantages:

  • chic appearance. The depth of colors and originality of the pattern, as well as the harmonious combination of pattern and ornament create a unique atmosphere of elegance and charm. Wallpapers are available in a huge range, with a wide variety of designs and textures, which allows you to combine them with any elements of the interior and provides ample opportunities for bold design solutions;
  • absolute environmental safety products is guaranteed by the availability of certificates of conformity. Coatings are hypoallergenic and hygienic;
  • products have high resistance to external factors. High moisture and light resistance of models allows using them in all types of premises without restrictions;
  • competent logistics and well-priced policy Companies allow to produce premium products in a wide price range. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose original models at prices that are comfortable for the consumer.

Features and specifications


A characteristic feature of the wallpaper is the nobility of color and originality of the pattern, imitating natural materials. The surface of the coating very closely follows the structure of wood and fabric. Products are produced in styles close to the Empire, with the dominance of beige, gold, burgundy, yellow and purple colors. The presence of the overflow and the shiny surface make the Zambaiti products recognizable and give personality.

The use of light-resistant paint allows to extend the service life of the coating up to 15-20 years.

In addition to the imitation of natural materials, the collections include models presented in the form of corrugated paper, elegant embroidery, quilted satin upholstery and aged plaster. This allows the use of wallpaper not only in classic but also in modern interiors. And the image of birds, royal lilies and heraldic symbolism brings the spirit of aristocracy into the drawing. In the production of wallpaper technology is used cold and hot stamping, which contributes to a variety of textures. And the method of impregnation of quartz granules significantly increases the durability and wear resistance of models.

Zambaiti products are available in several versions using paper, non-woven, vinyl and textile. Initially, the company produced only paper wallpaper, but given the current trends, as well as a request for mechanical strength and durability, the production of products was transferred to vinyl and non-woven performance. Due to this, the coating is easy to clean and can be regularly handled with a brush and detergent. The embossing and brightness of paints will not be affected during wet cleaning.

Popular Collections

The most interesting and popular are the following collections:

  • "Zambaiti Marchesa". The 16th series is represented by classic models with high moisture resistance and wear resistance. Products are made in bright colors with imitation of stone, fabric and plaster, with a harmonious combination of ornate patterns and antique ornaments. The series features wallpaper with a floral print, urban motifs, expressive stripes and depicting the streets of Venice. Models have a non-woven base and a vinyl decorative layer. Due to the large selection of drawings and textures, the models of this collection can be successfully used in modern and classical styles. Roll size is 1.06 by 10.05 meters;

  • "Zambaiti Sanremo". 10 series - stylish and fashionable models, made in bright colors of tapestry texture, can be used in many styles. Models are suitable for both provenance and classic English interior. The presence of vertical bars will help visually expand the space of small and low spaces. Models wash well, so are ideal for finishing children's rooms;

  • "Zambaiti Italica". 51 series is made in pink tones with fragments of exquisite ornamental floral motifs. The canvas is decorated with large volumetric flowers decorated with embroidered ribbons in combination with lace patterns. Model "Italica" will be the ideal solution for the decoration of the bedroom of the Victorian or Gothic style, as well as for the room of a teenage girl;

  • "Zambaiti Murella 100". The 76 series is represented by real masterpieces of wall coverings. Models have an exquisite pattern of buds and leaves, made in a restrained color range. Expressive roses and peonies will harmoniously look in romantic styles, and an exact imitation of fabric, stone and wood will be a godsend for modern interiors. Products are manufactured on non-woven base and have a vinyl decorative layer. Such a structure makes the models resistant to abrasion and UV rays. The size of the rolls is 1.06 x 10 m.

Customer Reviews

Zambaiti wallpapers are highly rated by customers. Consumers say high performance, spectacular appearance and environmental safety products. Attention is drawn to the opportunity for a little money to get a luxurious interior and ennoble any room. The advantages of the models include the width of the rolls, which is twice the standard size.

This reduces the number of joints and allows for faster installation.

There is hygiene products, which allows you to fully wash the coating without the risk of damage. The advantages include the ability of corrugated and embossed models to hide and align the defects and irregularities of the walls. A wide range of colors and an exclusive product design are positively evaluated. Among the shortcomings is called the high price of some collections and the risk to purchase a fake. In this regard, the company's specialists recommend before purchasing to make sure that all the accompanying documentation and the necessary certificates are available.

How to choose?

Before you start buying wallpaper, you need to measure the room and determine the number of rolls. This will help minimize costs and eliminate a large amount of residual material. When calculating, please note that Zambaiti wallpapers are produced in a large width, which is 106 cm. Next, you should determine the style and purpose of the room, as well as its size and degree of illumination.

In fairly darkened rooms you should not buy heavy volumetric models of dark colors, such products are designed for large, bright rooms with huge windows and high ceilings.

For the children's room, you can choose non-woven wallpaper with photo printing, without excessive volume and corrugated surface. This will prevent dust from accumulating and provide easy maintenance. In the bedroom fit models made in pastel colors with plant or abstract images. Strict stripes will be appropriate in the office, and ornate patterns, symmetrical patterns and imitation tapestry and embroidery suitable for living rooms.

The final step will be the selection of a comfortable price. A wide price range and a huge range will allow you to choose the wallpaper for every taste and wallet.

When buying a wall covering, you must check the integrity of the package and the availability of supporting documentation. To avoid differences in shades, all rolls should be purchased from the same batch.



The technology of installation of heavy wallpaper involves a preliminary alignment of the wall, followed by priming with 30% glue solution. This will ensure more reliable adhesion of the web with the bearing surfaces and increase the service life of the products. Most models need to select a pattern, so you need to pre-lay the material on the floor, and, picking up the pattern, cut into strips. Individual canvases can be numbered with a pencil on the back side. This will speed up and streamline the labeling process and avoid confusion and waste.

Next, you can proceed to the label, starting fixing the canvas on top, and smoothing with a rubber roller folds and bubbles.

For installation you need to use glue for heavy non-woven wallpaper. When drying the walls should avoid the presence of drafts. It is necessary to start installation of plinths after full drying of glue.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Wallpapers Zambaiti from Italy are able to perfectly decorate the space and blend harmoniously with other design elements. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of model, it is necessary to take into account the degree of illumination, style and color of the room. With a competent and thoughtful approach with the help of wallpaper Zambait you can get a luxurious atmosphere and give the house status and pomposity.

Large expressive flowers on a light background will add to the room a romantic and elegant look, they will be harmoniously combined with a gentle Provence and a pompous ampir. Beige tones and vertical stripes will visually increase the space and lift the ceilings, and the repeated colors of the wallpaper and furniture will emphasize the integrity of the image and the completeness of the design.

A clear symmetrical ornament and black and white execution will perfectly fit into the modern style and emphasize the contrast of individual interior items. A chic imitation of the tapestry will create a unique atmosphere of luxury and style, will give the room the spirit of aristocracy.

Gentle pastel colors with elements of floral motifs and abstract brush strokes will bring a touch of luxury and romanticism to the room. The perfect solution for Empire and retro styles. Delicate flowers and traditional ornate patterns will add variety and decorate the modern interior.

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