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Design studio area of ​​15 square meters. m

If there is no opportunity to buy a large apartment, there is no reason to worry, since it does not at all mean that small-sized housing cannot be beautiful, comfortable and convenient. Even 15 m² can look modern, stylish, in accordance with the latest design trends.

Even without special education, having refused the services of a professional designer, with the right approach, everyone will be able to develop a functional and convenient design studio of 15 m².

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Studio Features


At the beginning of the last century, the first studio apartment appeared in Europe. Its main feature was the complete absence of internal partitions. Such housing immediately became popular among creative people and childless married couples. Budget, small, cozy nest - in this it was possible to create and enjoy spending time with your loved one.

Today, studios have gained popularity in all countries of the world, and it is no longer possible to call them cheap housing, moreover, the area of ​​such apartments is very large. A feature of the studio, for which many have fallen in love with it, is the ability to independently determine the layout of their own homes, choose where this or that zone will be located and equip them according to personal preferences.

That is, a typical studio is a space without partitions, where a separate zone is allocated only a bathroom. In such a space one window can be provided, although sometimes there are options with a private balcony. Typically, modern studios have high ceilings, so you can create an interior with two tiers and distribute functional areas as efficiently as possible even if the area is quite small.

Stages of interior planning

Before you start planning a modest dwelling, you need to decide what zones it will be in. Some people have a small place to work and at the same time relax, someone wants to get a spacious living room, but in any case the existence of a studio without a sleeping area and a kitchen is impossible.

And here comes the most basic question, how to make the kitchen area and the sleeping area as remote as possible from 15 square meters.

A professional will work or the studio will do the repairs personally; its owner must always have a strict plan of action and a project carried out on paper or in a computer program. All these manipulations must be made before the start of the main work.

Criteria affecting the layout of a small studio:

  1. the total area and shape of the apartment;
  2. the number of windows (if any) and doors;
  3. the location of the heating battery, gas and water pipes;
  4. availability of a balcony;
  5. the number of permanent residents who will live in the studio.

Open layout - methods for increasing space

The most popular model of studio design is an open layout. When all functional segments of a dwelling do not have any fences, this allows the landlord to feel free and easy, even if his apartment is not large.

In most modern high-rise buildings, high ceilings and huge windows are initially made. If you have to create a studio in a typical building of the last century by removing interior partitions, you can take advantage of the possibility of increasing window openings. A large amount of natural light will make even the most modest-sized space more comfortable and convenient, it will be nice to be in such a place.

The use of a large number of mirrors and glossy surfaces can be attributed to the number of methods for increasing illumination and visual expansion of space. Although visually, they significantly make the studio more spacious.

Open planning, like other options for home decoration, has positive and negative sides. Its main advantage lies in the fact that in a small area you can place all the most important areas needed for a comfortable life. The disadvantage is that the kitchen odors, even in the presence of heavy-duty hood, will still reach the sleeping place or any other segment of the room.

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Bed zoning

The easiest option is to separate the sleeping area from other areas, while not erecting any walls - hang curtains. To do this, you need to fasten the rails to the suspended ceiling or arrange supports for mounting the eaves, if the ceilings are suspended. Some designers simplify this task as much as possible by stretching the usual rope (rope) for curtains. This method not only divides the zone in half, but also looks very original.

Partitions can also be used to separate one zone from the other existing in the apartment. This is one of the most simple and rational methods. Transparent architectural structures can act as partitions, they can be solid or have the appearance of shelving. Such fences, apart from the main task - to separate sectors of the room, play the role of an exhibition stand and places for storage of things. It is very convenient that any screens and shelves can be used in each area of ​​the apartment.

Kitchen area arrangement

Regardless of the type of studio layout you choose, the first thing to do in the kitchen sector is to install a powerful hood. You should not save on this unit, because its quality determines how well the air will be cleared from the aromas of freshly prepared dishes, and only an extract can minimize the settling of drops of fat and burning on furniture, textiles and other decorative objects. On sale there are many models that do an excellent job with the main task, while working very quietly.

Also an important point when planning a studio is the lunch segment. There are two options for solving the problem - to leave the dining area directly in the kitchen or to take it into the common room, thus, you get a kitchen-living room.

It all depends on the area, the shape of the studio and the number of family members living in it. For example, for a young married couple who did not have time to get children, a small, compact bar counter can become an excellent option - an interior detail that can separate the kitchen area and the place to eat. This option is not suitable for older people, as they will not be able to constantly climb high stools, so they need a full-fledged dining area with comfortable soft chairs.

The optimal color for the design studio


When planning the arrangement of the studio, the first thing most of the owners think about is the color of the room. Obviously, the bright gamma will be the most successful solution.

White color visually makes the space larger, serves as an ideal background for furniture, organically combines with other colors. In creating the interior of a small-sized housing, it is difficult to overestimate the light shades. But not every property owner will express a desire to live in a room with light walls, ceiling and floor. Human eyes need not only rest, but they also need focusing, because bright accents to the interior are necessary.

The problem of monotony is quite simply solved by the use of wall decor, and colored textiles will do. Pictures or photos within the framework will not cost their owners a lot of money, but the interior of the studio will noticeably change.

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