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Door openers

The operation of the doors is ensured by such construction details as handles, locks, hinges and latches. Door openers are restraints that make it easier for residents to move around the house. A small object in the interior will keep the door, preventing the door leaf from slamming, which often happens in the house at the most unexpected moment.

The product, which has long won popularity as a useful thing, is widely represented on the market today. Attention buyers are offered in various forms and design features holders of a variety of materials.

Types of holders

According to the type of strengthening inside the interior, there are three main types:

  • floor;
  • wall;
  • nadverny.

On the floor, as a stationary device for holding doors, install most of the restraints. They are produced in a wide range of colors necessary for the selection, so it is easy to purchase a design for a specific interior. As a rule, the holder repeats the color and shape of an existing or selected door handle.

The undoubted advantages of floor elements include, first of all, their low cost compared to the other options available for sale.

Door holders are floor-mounted, in addition, they are also universal, since they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It is also convenient to fix the external door to the street with a lower interlock.

It is completely easy to install a lock on the floor, it is sold, almost in any case, complete with a set for fasteners. The floor is a flat and reliable plane that firmly holds the fixed element. A padding holder and a damping element, a rubber or silicone gasket or foot softens the door opening process.

The main materials for the holders are aesthetic and attractive metal connections with copper, stainless steel and brass. In addition to stationary, there are portable floor holders. Details are made of non-slip materials, have a wedge-shaped form. If the stationary holders prevent the doors from fully opening and closing, then the main function of the moving parts is to fix the open door leaf.

The wall stopper is considered a suitable mechanism for interiors where there is an expensive floor covering. Such a coating is easy to spoil externally, so experts do not recommend to resort to the installation of floor holders in this case. Due to the design features of installation of the floor plane, it becomes simply impossible to fix the stopper. That is why in homes with massive doors made of solid wood and other durable and solid compounds, wall fastener options are often used.

Gypsum plasterboard and modern construction composites similar to it, on the contrary, are not considered reliable enough to fix blockers. It is important when installing and such a moment as the force that is applied when you slam the doors. In order not to damage the wall, the blockers are produced not only with hard, but with mostly soft details.

Wall variants of blockers are a bit more expensive than floor stoppers, so they are also used in the interior quite often. Mounting wall holders occurs by analogy with the floor, the installation scheme is the same.

The simplicity and ease of installation allows each owner to install the element on their own, without the help of experts. Among wall holders most often found on the home goods market:

  • Emphasis On one side of the holder is a bracket, on the other - a shock absorber made of rubber.
  • Latch. This mechanism is also two-sided, with the second side of the latch hooking the door handle, preventing it from entering the doorway and closing. Such a latch is mounted a little differently: a plate with a protrusion is fastened to the door leaf on the bottom and a retainer with a spring on the wall clings to the protrusion. Thus, the door always remains open.
  • Limiters for the door handle. They are used in the event that the holder has nowhere else to place, or it is necessary to avoid marks on the door leaf from the rubber part of the standard stop. The plastic restraint is mounted on the wall at the level of the door handle.

Door blockers are available in a wide variety of species. They are also distinguished by ease of installation - with the help of a drill and two or three screws. The main types of such clamps:

  • Folding with spring mechanism.
  • Belt with fasteners attached on both sides.
  • Retractable. Represent the put forward block, regulated by a plate sideways. Easily rises and falls by the movement of the leg.
  • Gliding. Mounted on the door, setting any desired opening angle. When fully plowed, fixation occurs due to an additional hole in the groove.
  • Soothing. From soft materials, fasten in the middle of a door cloth.

Main functions


Holders, stoppers and restrictive elements installed in the interior, ensure reliable and comfortable use of door panels. Any door can be opened slightly as well as left completely open. At the same time possible injuries are prevented, full safety for children is achieved.

That for many pet owners is important, pets do not fall under the blows of the entrance and other doors in the house.

According to the necessary functions, the restrictive mechanisms are divided into groups for fixing the position of the doors:

  • Locking. The process is provided by species such as limiters or latches. If you apply them, then outside the door to open will not work.
  • Partial, that is, incomplete opening. The locking devices stop the web from moving, leaving the opening half-open.
  • Full closing. Usually, the role of locks of this door position is performed by floor mechanisms and closers.
  • As a limitation, and holding the door in a certain position (we need universal devices with magnetic properties).

Design features

Design features allow you to achieve perfect functioning, depending on the purpose of a door in the house. Therefore, it is important when buying to stay on the best option of all existing and not get lost in their diversity.

Strong holding the door in the desired position is achieved with a magnetic clip. Devices reliably protect doors from unexpected drafts. Attach them to the wall or the door itself. In this case, the side adjacent to the wall is provided with a soft gasket that leaves no marks or damages on the wall decoration.

Many such devices are placed directly in the door handle. The roller and ball mechanism prevents accidental plowing, having a special groove, which hides the main part when closing. The device has a special tongue that goes inside the groove.

Experts recommend to pay attention to the steel and other types of solid supports for placing a sliding angle.

For door coupe most often used furniture closers. Such devices as door and furniture closers bring the door to a fully closed position. The device is a spring located in a metal sheath. A technical oil or silicone fluid is poured between the capsule and the spring. Adjustment is provided by a membrane and a valve system. Door closers are shock-absorbing devices that delay the movement of the panel, making it smoother to the point of soft closing.

Tips for choosing


To choose the best option for the home, you need to evaluate the benefits of each type of door stoppers. Plays the role of the price of the mechanism and the complexity of installation, comfort during use. For each interior, you can choose an option in which safe operation is combined with the preservation of the wall and floor covering without damage and marks on the door from the use of such devices in the form of potholes and dents.

Inexpensive floor holders can be placed both inside the house and from the street. Both compact stoppers made of metal and cork, which do not take up a lot of space (sizes up to 7-8 cm), and anti-burglary devices are produced. If they try to open the door, the metal part of the support is pressed, which is powered by the battery. This produces a loud warning signal.

This limiter performs two functions - stop and protection from thieves.

For a glass door or plastic leaf, interior partitions magnetic latch will be a good choice. The latch stops the door due to the interaction of the magnet and the metal part. The ease of use of such a stopper is obvious, although the installation is not as simple as with floor holders or soft options.

In the door holders, the working unit is attached to the door leaf itself, therefore they are used for entrance and interior doors. Many options do not require fastening, as they only prevent the blade from slamming. Folding holders called "goat leg" are able to hold any door, including the entrance, the stops have sufficient length to create a reliable design. They are chosen for solid wooden or aluminum planes. The stop is chosen if it is necessary to hold the door in the open position.

Design options

Do not forget about the way to decorate your apartment - an unusual design that distinguishes interroom retainer in the interior. The retainer in the form of a horseshoe, mouse, foot, as well as interesting and fun models contribute to the creation of comfort. Cute cockerels, dogs and cats, frogs and birds cause a cheerful mood, besides these dorstoppers (from the English words "door" - door, "stop" to stop) have remarkable mobile qualities - the door can be held with their help in any degree of openness.

The plastic-looking toys appear to be made from leather and textiles, but inside the holders there is a weighting compound, a sand mixture. There are various options for weight, ranging from one kilogram, which do not move from the place. Model purchased depending on the massiveness of the door blocks. Attaching or screwing on the floor, using magnets for fixing stuffed toy stoppers is not necessary, they are perfectly kept on the floor.

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