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Choosing tables with shelves

If the table is large, the use of shelves allows you to further increase its capacity. With a small table size, shelves will help unload the main work area and make it less cluttered. But in any case, it is important to carefully select the design of furniture and evaluate its design qualities.

Special features


Tables are equipped with shelves mainly in the event that they are supposed to be used for work. For dining and magazine options it is not typical. Depending on the designer’s vision and the decisions of the developers, storage spaces are placed above the table top (most often) or below it.

The top location is much more convenient to search for various things, it will also be easier to pick up or put them.

Not uncommon and a computer desk with a shelf for keyboards and manipulators, almost all models have such an element immediately below the table top. The angular and direct shape are equally compatible with the presence of shelves, and in the children's room such storage elements should be bright. An important advantage in any case is that when you move the table, the shelves will not interfere, they will not catch anything. Keep in mind at the same time that they sometimes have to hang on the wall, pre-drilled it.


Book tables equipped with shelves can easily turn from very small to spacious dining. You can put at least a book, even magazines or newspapers, even kitchen accessories or other items of your choice.

The shelves themselves differ:

  • built-in, stationary type;
  • added mobile pedestals on wheels;
  • sliding (find wide application in computer and multipurpose tables).

The classic type of construction is rectangular (combining worktop, legs and storage system).

Corner tables are made in the form of the letter G, which allows you to save a lot of space in the room and at the same time work without distraction to what is happening in the room. It simply remains behind the seated back. Shelves and racks in the upper part of the table allow everything that is required to be taken and put into place with one hand movement. The zoning of the space by partitions, the shelves themselves, brings considerable benefits.

It is not necessary to limit yourself to the choice of simple desktops. Children's solutions with mounted shelves by their very structure form the skill to properly organize the working space. The table top can be tilted (or, alternatively, leg height adjustment is used).

The bilateral constructions, which are convenient for a couple of children to work at the same time, manifest themselves well.

By varying the configuration of individual units and furniture in general, using atypical materials, developers can achieve an impressive external effect.

Work surfaces are:

  • wavy;
  • semicircular;
  • radius;
  • with a rounded central niche for approaching the chair, as if covered by projections on both sides.

The smoothness and softness of the lines makes the furniture more modern and enhances its attractiveness.

The glass top, mounted on chrome legs, seems suspended in a vacuum, apparently weightless and soaring. The presence of shelves eliminates the need for an auxiliary rack. If only there is no desire to highlight something or emphasize its unusualness, use the design under a natural tree, as the most universal. Even if it is necessary to move the table to another room, it will not seem alien and unnatural there.

Suspended structures are capable of replacing entire cabinets - provided, of course, that they are well thought out and designed as it follows that proper functionality is ensured.



A small table with shelves, as already mentioned, can be almost as functional as a larger one without them. But the choice still needs to be approached more carefully, taking into account all the details and nuances. So, in a very large room, a small workplace looks bad and sometimes even funny. Whenever possible, try to choose tables with large worktops, from 70 centimeters in width and from 60 centimeters in depth. This solution allows you to safely perform most types of written work.



Metal tables with shelves are quite rare, mainly using natural wood, as in the basic design, and in storage systems.

The hardest woods in this case are:

  • iron tree;
  • amaranth;
  • the Red tree;
  • Suar;
  • Yatoba and some others.

With all the strength of such rocks, they are very expensive, and therefore clearly not suitable if you want to save money on the purchase of furniture.

Such common varieties as oak and ash, cherry and beech wood, larch and walnut have an average level of hardness. They will be able to transfer very different negative impacts and for many years not to lose external attractiveness.

When the problem of saving money is very serious, you should prefer wood of acceptable softness, that is, birch and spruce, cedar and maple, alder, pine and the like. With strict adherence to technology, wear resistance is quite high, and the price will satisfy the majority of consumers.



White tonality is rarely used, due to its pronounced impracticality and marzime. Preferred paint for natural wood, at the same time distinguished by sophistication and external simplicity, the absence of unnecessary pretentiousness. Saturated colors should be used with caution, it is better not to resort to them at all without consulting with experienced designers and drawing up a complete interior concept.

How to choose?


Modification elements (the same shelves and boxes) expand the possibilities for storing papers and documents. But still, the more complex the design, the more attention should be paid to the details of it, to the reliability of their use. Inspect the entire surface, all fasteners to one and every protruding unit. Scratches are not allowed, not to mention dents, cuts, punctures and holes.

Be sure to check the tree, it should come from a fresh and peculiar smell of a certain breed.

If the documentation (advertising) indicates a certain number of boxes, or the seller tells you about them, do not be lazy to check the presence of everyone, ease of extension and closure. As for the design, in the first place will be the compatibility of the table with the interior of the room, and only then - private impressions and personal tastes. In the shopping center, be sure to sit at the table (or put the one who will use it); posture should be free and relaxed, while there should not be the slightest difficulty in performing normal work, some feeling of inconvenience.

Traditional rectangular tables can be combined with almost any existing design style.

Shelves on the side - this is the best storage for various small things; in contrast to them, the upper and middle places are more appropriate for large objects. Thoroughly think whether there is enough space for a specific model for all that you need to put, and whether it will not be in vain.

Desk drawers for a business person and for everyone in general who care about the privacy of their records must be equipped with locks. Ask whether a particular constipation is reliable, whether it breaks too often. If you want to have on hand a significant amount of documents, textbooks, notebooks, notebooks and other materials, you must take a table equipped with one or two rolling thumbs. Be sure to appreciate how stable the design is - the constant return of it to its place after a slight push is very tiring psychologically.

The corner table is considered the most stable, stylistically neutral, and the central notch allows you to reach every thing without getting up.

We also note weak points - excessive cumbersomeness and heaviness, difficulty of moving around the house (it is always easier to disassemble and then reunite them than try to move them all). Models with a superstructure are more functional than usual: for students, scientific and pedagogical workers, office workers and everyone who constantly works with large volumes of texts is the ideal. Even when placing the computer in the middle, there will still be a large enough place for ordinary business. An important consideration for many people will be that you will not have to bear the cost of buying chest of drawers, cupboards, pedestals, or at least you will be able to reduce these costs.

But it is necessary either to put up with the instability of the tables equipped with upper superstructures, or to put them strictly against the wall in order to exclude an accidental fall. In the computer version, the table does not always have a roll out shelf under the keyboard, it is not needed if the typing work will be sporadic. But a special sector, allotted for the system unit, will be quite appropriate, since it’s the most important parts of a computer that are less dusty and clogged, reducing the risk of accidentally damaging them. Shelves for disks are no longer in demand as they used to be, due to the spread of flash memory. But still quite a few people will like this option.

Where to put?


Usually the arrangement of furniture is determined by its aesthetic properties and entry into the interior, and tables with shelves are no exception. Long straight constructions are best placed near the wall so as not to block the space. Corner table more correctly placed in an unused somehow different place, most often it is set in the corner. The windows are well become the tables of the traditional format. Any add-ons are incompatible with shelves and niches on the walls.

As for the distance to other pieces of furniture, it is quite enough that such a thing could only be safely passed.

Options in the interior

The developers have tried to create different types of tables and tables with shelves, to make them as attractive as possible. Thus, the modification "Venice 320", manufactured by Falto, harmoniously enters even into those rooms where there is little free space. The laminated chipboard used in the construction fully meets the latest international environmental standards.

The Master factory can offer its customers the Milan 1 model, which is optimally suited for the placement of documents and publications, office supplies and stationery. Also, chipboard was chosen as a construction material, depending on personal taste, you can order a table of seven different colors. The dimensions are balanced: you can work comfortably and not clutter the room.

"Corsair" is a version of veneered chipboard, for the manufacture of handles applied genuine leather. The engineers tried not only to make the drawer guides silent, but also to eliminate their warping, unauthorized rolling out.

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