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Unusual chandeliers

Now the market has a huge selection of various lighting fixtures. Among them you can find really unusual lamps that have a unique design. Before you make a purchase of a lighting device, you should familiarize yourself with some of their features and non-standard options.

Special features

In the design world, it is increasingly possible to hear the opinion that the interior should be chosen for the chandelier, and not for it. Such an opinion has the right to exist, but many disagree with it. When buying an unusual chandelier, you should first decide on the general style of the room, because an unusual product can become both the center of the whole space and its complement.

Unusual lighting fixtures most often refer to a style that has its own characteristics. Below are the main directions.

  • High tech. Lighting in the style of "high-tech" are no small decor. Laconic design, straight lines, the correct form - the main characteristics of such chandeliers. Smooth matte or shiny surface, often made of metal, gives a beautiful cold shine. To perform its functions, such lighting devices must be located clearly according to the scheme.

Polished curved lines, the absence of smooth bends. A large light fixture in a room may well serve as an art object of the room. It is difficult to care for the material of such a chandelier, because the brilliance of the metal must always be perfect. Most often unusual products in the style of "hi-tech" are used in the living room.

  • Art Nouveau You can find a large selection of unusual chandeliers. Such lighting fixtures are distinguished by smooth curved lines and the presence of ornaments. The main distinctive feature of such products is the asymmetric form. Often used floral motif. You can find a chandelier with elegant flower buds, framed by metal thin stems. Such a lighting device can easily become the center of the entire decor.

Art Nouveau lighting fixtures can be used for the kitchen and living room. They are less and less used in the bedroom, since such a chandelier has a high level of lighting.

  • Loft style lighting suitable if your room is spacious and with high ceiling. The color scheme of this style is diverse. There are shades of gold, silver, nickel, aged bronze. Saturated colors are not excluded: brown, red, white, black, beige.

Loft style lighting fixtures are notable for their laconic design. You can find chandeliers in the form of a single large square or semi-circular lamp. It is interesting to look at the chandeliers without glass, but with straight metal elements. The shape of the lamp is strict, almost always with an open canopy.

Most often unusual chandeliers need special care, as well as a certain arrangement of them in the interior. It is very important to choose a lighting fixture that fits into the overall design of the space. Otherwise, the product will simply stand out and look superfluous in the room. Consider the size of the room. A large model with a lot of complex elements in a small room will look inappropriate, and small lighting fixtures in the modern style will simply be lost under the high ceiling.


All chandeliers can be divided into suspended and ceiling. The type of entrance is recommended depending on the room.

  • Suspended. Fastening can serve as a cord, chain, string. They are suitable for lighting the main rooms. Unusual hanging chandeliers have large dimensions, so they should be chosen in spacious rooms. For example, the pendant chandelier "Lightstar Mocco 792124" combines 12 halogen lamps and a stunning three-dimensional design;
  • Ceiling. Compact lamps are mounted under the ceiling. In terms of illumination, they are inferior to suspended ones, so the ceiling chandelier should be chosen in a small room, for example, in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. Colored ceiling lamps are gaining popularity, for example, the model of the ceiling chandelier "Stella 892168";
  • Separate views are lamps. They can be used as an additional light source in the room or be the only unusual lighting fixture. Designers create lamps in the form of pixels, ordinary bare lamps, in the form of teapots and many others. If you do not risk to buy an unusual shaped chandelier, you can start with a small lamp that will certainly attract attention.

Original models and forms

The fantasy of designers is limitless, therefore, choosing an unusual lighting model, you can never cease to be surprised at the diversity of forms and models.

If you are tired of the ceiling of the usual form, you can easily find a lamp in a variety of variations. One of the most popular models is the "Pinecone" chandelier from a fabulous country. It is made of wood, emits a soft light and has an amazing design in the form of cones, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Designers can surprise not only the shape of the lighting device, but also the material. For example, a hanging chandelier "Branch cement" is made of concrete. The texture of the chandelier is ribbed, somewhat similar to the bark of a tree.

The theme of space is also an integral part of fashion chandeliers. For example, the hanging chandelier Maytoni "Galaxy" MOD800-12-N is the embodiment of a whole galaxy under your ceiling.

Chandeliers of original design are increasingly performed in the water theme. Design ideas are embodied in the drops of water falling from the ceiling. Almost imperceptible thin mounts create the effect of water that literally floats in the air. The thinnest glass and mirrors are used to make the drops look as close as possible to the real ones. Such chandeliers are most often cascading. For example, the chandelier Chiaro 384013708. An interesting model is made in golden color, which adds to her luxury.

Top manufacturers

The German company Maytoni has long been a guarantee of quality. In their assortment you will find lighting devices in the style of "loft", "modern", "fusion" and many others. For example, an unusual chandelier "Globo Bird" 56671-5H with soaring LED birds will appeal to many. Among the models of the brand you can find galactic surround lamps, concise chandeliers with thin metal rods and very elegant options.

The space theme is also supported by the Portuguese manufacturer Delightfull. Their chandelier is made in the form of the universe. The material of the chandelier is aluminum, and the ceiling lamps are made of copper. The originality of this lamp is that every ceiling can rotate. Ike chandelier has long won the heart of all fans of the star theme.

The Spanish brand Desslight Barcelona created the Circus lamp from special fiberglass. The impressive size allows you to use it in large rooms. Chandelier exists in two color variations - gold and silver.

The Portuguese factory Mood presented several chandeliers that are popular all over the world. The Half A Mile model is made of steel, leather cords complement it, and the Amoeba model is made of thin aluminum and exists in different sizes.

Beautiful examples in the interior

In the kitchen, you can place some unusual lighting fixtures right above the table or above the cooking surface. This option is suitable only for a spacious room. When placing the lighting, try using a different cord length for pendant lights.

Unusual transparent glass lamps with a minimal amount of design are well suited for the kitchen. Such plafonds are a bit like glasses, this will add weightlessness to the design of the kitchen.

Among the choice of unusual lighting in the kitchen, you can find versions of the ceiling in the form of kettles or even ordinary graters. Look at the design of your kitchen. If it has a lot of classics, wood, then such a sudden element in the form of a lamp would be inappropriate.

When choosing lighting in the living room, again, be guided by the size of the space and pay attention to the decorative elements that you have. If the room has a lot of decor, bright curtains or a sofa, then choose a chandelier of simple design. But if the room just lacks something special, you should choose an unusual lighting fixture.

For a light interior, consider options from a cascade of falling glass drops or threads of glass of different lengths. You will probably enjoy blown glass in the form of balls.

As for the dark interior of the living room, then suitable lighting with a metal, white matte finish or with fabric elements.

For a children's room, the choice of unusual lamps is especially great. For example, in a girl's room a bright pink chandelier will be perfectly combined with the same bright element, for example, with a carpet.

The chandelier in the form of a flying plane will perfectly fit into almost any design of the boy’s kompata, where there are blue or blue tones. A versatile option is a chandelier in the form of flying air balloons. Combining different shades and colors, it will perfectly fit into the very different interior of the children's room.

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