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Mixer Tank

Modern housewives use in the process of cooking a variety of different devices. One of the most common and practical options is the mixer. Many models of such household appliances are equipped with different nozzles and bowls. It should be noted that the capacity for the mixer is an important component of such a device and you should pay special attention to it when making a purchase.

Special features

Choosing a suitable mixer for working in the kitchen, you first need to sort out the question: which view is better. More simple and convenient to use are immersion devices. The peculiarity of the models is that they can be easily moved around the kitchen, and used for beating in any container - it all depends on your preferences.

Complete with immersion mixers often come with various nozzles that can be used for certain cooking processes. They are easy to fold, it is convenient to store devices even in small boxes.

As for stationary models, such mixers are somewhat superior to the previous form, if we compare their performance. The technique has more extensive functionality and is used for a variety of processes in the preparation.

The advantage of such a stationary option is that it works easily even with a batter, which is not the case with submersible models. Mixers perfectly mix products, "not afraid" of thick textures.

Also, the advantages of stationary options include:

  • the equipment has good power performance;
  • stationary types are suitable for processing a variety of products (immersion options are designed for liquid ingredients);
  • The technique is durable and reliable.

The stationary mixer will last you longer than the submersible version. This is due to the presence of a more functional and high-quality system.

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If you decide to replenish your kitchen arsenal with a stationary mixer, you need to pay attention to a few important points. A characteristic feature of this technique is the presence of a bowl, which is designed for mixing products.

If the submersible version can be used in any container, the stationary mixer is equipped with special dishes for the cooking process. Basically, materials such as durable plastic, glass or iron are used to create the bowl. Each of the options has both advantages and disadvantages, so the choice of the appropriate type must be approached responsibly.

The most common stationary models are plastic bowl mixers. The material is lightweight, ideal for processing even a large number of products and unpretentious in the care.

No less common option is glass. Technique, equipped with a bowl of this material, looks quite presentable and beautiful. As for performance, here it is necessary to take into account several important points. It is necessary to choose models, the bowl of which is made of durable and high-quality material - this will avoid the occurrence of damage on the surface during operation.

Particular attention should be paid to containers made of metal. This material is durable and reliable, which often "captivates" buyers.

Top models

Choosing a suitable stationary equipment for the kitchen, you need to pay attention to several options that have decent technical performance and presentable appearance.

One of the leaders in the global market is the company. Bosch. Stationary mixers from this brand are presented in a fairly wide range, from which you can choose the appropriate quality option. Particular attention should be paid to the model NFQ36460. The equipment has good power (maximum rate - 450 W). The device has 5 modes of operation.

Also, the mixer is able to operate at full capacity, but, provided that the user presses a special button.

The bowl for beating products is made of high-quality and durable plastic. The peculiarity of the model is the availability of a container that can rotate during operation. The mixing unit, if necessary, can be easily removed by holding the special button on the housing.

Another quite interesting and multifunctional stationary option is the model. KitchenAid 5KSM150PSE. Included is a bowl with a lid, which is used during operation. This is quite convenient during the cooking process, especially if the maximum mixing speed is on. The case of the model is made of metal, complete with special hooks for the test.

If you need a more compact, but no less functional mixer, you need to pay attention to the model MFQ36440 from the above company Bosch. The versatility of this option is that, if necessary, it can easily replace the blender. Complete with a mixer comes measuring cup, which is used for processing products. The container has a lid, which is quite convenient when working.

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