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Features of the choice of paper wallpaper

As a rule, the cost of decorative materials for the walls make up the lion's share of the total estimate for the repair, so it will be easier to save on them. To do this, it is advisable to give preference to the good old paper wallpaper, without fear of spending more time on their sticking. As a result, you can get a beautiful wall covering for a reasonable price.

Features and specifications

Like all facing materials, paper products have positive and negative qualities. Among the advantages of canvases are the following:

  • Low price categoryThat explains the demand for this type of finishing materials. But do not assume that all paper wallpapers are cheap. Top quality European designs have a corresponding price, which is comparable in price to vinyl. If we consider the paper products of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian manufacturers, then it is distinguished by an affordable price, as well as just a huge range. Even the most demanding or limited person can find a suitable option.
  • Diversity. The modern market of finishing materials offers a wide range of paper wallpapers of all possible prints and shades. Geometric patterns, floral motifs, images of flora and fauna, wallpaper with stylized stone and wood, monophonic canvases are available.
  • Paper wallpaper meet all the requirements of environmental friendliness. In their composition - natural cellulose with the addition of other natural materials. Even in case of fire, the coating does not emit any substances harmful to humans and the environment, therefore paper products are so relevant for children's rooms, where the environmental component comes first. Another useful paper quality is breathability. Free air circulation prevents the walls from moisture accumulation and the occurrence of mold and mildew in the future.
  • The process of pasting the walls is not difficult.even an amateur will cope with it.

The disadvantages include:

  • Short service life. The simplest and cheapest single-layer wallpaper is a thin paper web that is easily torn and quickly loses its attractive appearance after frequent mechanical impacts. Some bright specimens shine through after gluing, because of its visible wall surface. The simplicity of the simplex is justified only by a low price category. Today, single-layer paper wallpaper is more often used for decorating country houses or in cosmetic repairs. In comparison with simplex, two-layer materials are thicker and more durable, they are much higher in quality and durability than single-layer samples, but the cost of cloths is 1.5–2 times higher.
  • Direct sunlight has a negative effect on the paper coating. Over time, the colors fade, lose their attractiveness and become dull. Out of the situation - the use of wallpaper for painting and coating them with a layer of varnish.
  • Low moisture resistance of paper canvases is another factor that does not speak in their favor. Under the influence of moisture paper is soaked and loses its presentable appearance. Paper materials are not recommended for use in rooms with constant high humidity.
  • Poor sound insulation - an obvious drawback. The ability of a thin paper base to transmit sound waves is not the best feature for covering walls in residential areas.


There are several types of paper wallpaper.

  • Simple single-layer cloths (simplex). They consist of only one paper layer, so they are quite thin, and there are difficulties when pasting walls.

Such wallpapers are often referred to as economy class materials.

  • Double-layer (duplex). In their structure there are two glued layers of paper, one of which plays the role of a base, and the second is decorative.

Materials have a high level of strength, do not stretch and do not tear when sticking.

  • Vinyl wallpaper on paper basis. The top layer is a polymeric foam material (polyvinyl). The bottom layer of the product can be not only non-woven, but also paper.

Foam wallpaper perfectly imitate a variety of materials and is well breathable, while before gluing does not require special preparation of the surface of the walls.

  • Corrugated - relatively new wall paintings in the domestic market. The top layer of the material is undulating and curly folds, so the surface that is covered with wallpaper looks very original.

Corrugated wallpaper, whose color varies depending on the lighting and viewing angle, is in special demand.

  • Textile materials belong to the elite variations of wallpaper, so they are much more expensive. Their features are fastidiousness to care and the need for a perfectly smooth base before pasting it.

Eco-friendly fabric wallpaper gives any room a representative appearance.

  • Washable Wallpaper can be used in rooms with high humidity, which is especially important for such rooms as the bathroom, kitchen and hallway.

The disadvantages of waterproof canvases include low breathability.

  • Cork Wallpaper allows you to fill the interior with the beauty of natural materials. Cork oak bark is used as a raw material for the production of cloths.

The surface of the cork can be additionally painted, varnished or waxed.

  • Acrylic coated wallpaper their characteristics are similar to vinyl samples. Among the differences, a smaller specific weight can be distinguished than that of vinyl analogs. The top layer of foam material is twice as thin, which greatly simplifies the process of gluing

. The advantages of acrylic wallpaper include environmental friendliness, a long service life and an affordable price.


Not the last factor when choosing materials is the size of the roll. Knowing the parameters of the wallpaper, you can calculate their exact number for finishing any room - you just need to have an idea of ​​the length and width of the wall canvas. The width of the roll can vary greatly depending on the country of origin, but there are Standard international sizes:

  • 0.53 m - the most common option. Such coatings are produced by factories around the world. They are usually called half meter.
  • 0.7 m - a variety of coatings peculiar to European manufacturers. Due to the quality and good quality of goods, they gradually gain popularity from our compatriots.
  • 1,06 m - meter coverings allow to reduce the amount of work and the number of seams on the glued surface. Such parameters are characteristic of expensive non-woven wallpaper. Cloths 1 m wide are heavy enough, therefore it is more difficult in the process of gluing.

The most typical length for wall coverings is 10 m. Most rolls are produced in this size. An additional option is the length of 15 m. It is used for vinyl wallpaper for painting. For meter non-woven coatings characteristic length of 25 m.

Color solutions

When choosing paintings, not the last role is played by the color scheme.

  • Blue color in the interior soothes, relaxes, fills the room with coolness. Blue wallpapers successfully harmonize with any natural shades: beige-brown furniture, bright yellow textiles, accessories in the colors of greenery and foliage.

  • Blue Color for wall decoration - one of the most successful options. It adds to the room ease and serene harmony, saturates it with airiness and infinity. Heavenly shades are suitable for rooms with windows facing south.

  • Green colors bring people closer to nature. Herbal shades wallpapers look fresh, elegant and noble.

  • Purple and Lilac notes give the room mystery and significance. Shades are appropriate in luxurious interiors.

This choice indicates a good taste and wealth of the owners.

  • Solar paints are chosen by those who want to get a warm cozy design. Yellow shades in the interior personify life, energy, activity. They have a positive effect on the psyche, relieve fatigue and stress. They are especially successful for rooms with windows facing north.

  • Pink gamma associated with femininity, sensitivity and romance. It is most popular with sentimental natures, especially young girls. Pink tones harmonize well with cream, white, gray and even black.

  • Brown spectrum in the interior it looks spectacular in any style directions. Dark chocolate-colored wallpaper in tandem with gold lettering will add room chic and luxury. Light materials in the color of coffee with milk are laconic and restrained, suitable for any classic interior.

Monophonic wallpapers in any spectrum have special advantages. They are able to set the background and the right mood to the whole space. Monochrome wall decoration allows you to use any accessories and furniture


The following are used as decorative elements:

  • Wood creates a special microclimate in the house, gives it coziness and comfort. To clap walls with clapboard or natural boards is quite expensive. The budget option can be wallpaper "under the tree." The blades are capable of conveying any kind of wood, cutting direction and method of processing. The latest trend in the wallpaper mode - imitation of aged boards.
  • Stars on wallpaper in the nursery are becoming increasingly popular. Such coatings contribute to relaxation and mental relaxation, tune in to cosmic dreams of distant worlds and galaxies, create a feeling of flight. The decoration of the walls in the space theme, the map of the Milky Way on the walls - the theme of the stars is always relevant in the rooms of the kids. Particularly interesting options for wallpaper that can glow in the dark.
  • Products with the image of cities and monuments - stylish modern solution. The Eiffel Tower, the Egyptian pyramids, and the sketch of London with the traditional red bus and Tower Bridge can act as prints.

  • Wallpaper with birds - one of the latest fashion trends. Birds can be present both independently and in tandem with drawings of trees, butterflies, flowers. Birds on the walls create a feeling of eternal spring, bring a joyful mood to the house, associated with renewal and flourishing.
  • Watercolor on the wallpaper will always look modern and very attractive. Watercolor stains allow you to create interesting accents in the interior, diversify the space, add dynamics to it. Canvases can be purchased as a finished drawing, and create a masterpiece with their own hands. To create a watercolor pattern or even a full-fledged picture, it is not necessary to be an artist. You will need only a wallpaper for painting and a little imagination.
  • Paper wallpaper "under the stone" can be an affordable alternative to natural stone. Imitation of the stone surface will add to the interior exclusivity and originality. Materials have the same texture, so the similarity with the stone is not always realistic.

What to choose?

Before you finally decide on the choice of paper coating, it is worth understanding what premises they are intended for and for how long the sticking is planned. If in the coming years, repairs are not planned, then it is necessary to give preference to high-quality two-layer canvases on non-woven base. When performing a facelift, when planned for the future major, you can save on wall decoration and purchase cheap simplex wallpaper.

In rooms with high humidity should choose moisture-proof washable materials.

The walls of household premises and non-residential rooms in the house (entrance hall, pantry) can be covered with simple single-layer wallpaper. In the hall and bedrooms, luxurious embossed linen and structural wallpaper with relief are appropriate. The insufficiently even wall surface requires a dense decorative coating, and you can successfully hide the defects with the help of vinyl cloths.

Features pasting

Paper wallpaper is a fairly simple decorative coating to work with which you can cope even alone and with no experience. To glue them properly and without any surprises, you need to consider some expert advice.

  • Special attention should be paid to the preparation of the walls. All surfaces must be cleaned and carefully primed - this will prevent the appearance of air bubbles under the canvas. Only after the soil dries out, you can begin to finish.
  • Drafts are a major threat to wallpaper. When available, the wallpaper dries faster than the glue absorbs.
  • Wallpapers that have a hem along the edges are supposed to overlap, but this method of application is suitable only for thin canvases. Thick coatings with embossed pattern should be glued butt - so the seam will be less noticeable.
  • Wallpaper without fitting the pattern can be cut into several strips at once, adding 5 cm to the length of each. If there is a characteristic pattern, you need to take it into account when marking.
  • If there is a bevel of walls in the room, then a reserve of 7-10 cm should be made for each strip.
  • Glue is applied evenly over the entire area with a roller or brush. In the absence of missed areas, bubbles do not form.
  • If the coatings are dense, then a sheet of wallpaper is left for a few minutes for impregnation with glue. Thin single-layer wallpapers need to be glued right away, otherwise they may be sodden.
  • The pasting process starts from the window, moving clockwise.
  • Glue caught on the front side can be gently soaked with a simple household sponge. Due to the subtlety of the paper web, rub it is not worth it.

Paper products dry up to three days. The simplest simplex canvases dry in 18-24 hours.


The wallpaper market of our country is represented by materials of both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Among them are American, Swedish, German, Italian, English, samples from Korea and the CIS countries. It is difficult to recommend any particular brands from different countries, because each manufacturer has its own “tricks” and tricks, pros and cons. So, wallpapers from Germany personify high quality at an affordable price, as evidenced by positive customer reviews.

Products from England are known for a variety of assortment in texture, materials and design. English collections tend to match a certain era or style, they use pleasant to the touch textures, there are unusual flickering effects. Most of the wallpaper factories in Russia today have reached a new level of production, so they are not inferior in quality and quality to foreign colleagues.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

  • Even the simplest paper canvases can make a room “play up” with new colors if you combine several types of wallpaper. Light blue walls decorated with white monograms look great in the interior of the bedroom. The design solution is the insertion of their white wallpaper at the head of the bed. An ornament of blue and coffee flowers concisely connects the wall decoration with the overall style of the room.
  • Children's room does not do without gentle pastel colors and touching prints. Playful butterflies on a pink background like any girl. To introduce some severity and dilute the sentimental pattern will help horizontal combination of monochrome wallpaper. Yellow-pink classic stripes blend harmoniously with the pattern at the top of the walls. To close the joint, a wooden curb is used.

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