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Wallpaper in the form of frescoes in the interior

Any detail can create a special atmosphere in the house. Wallpapers in the form of frescoes will bring zest to the interior, making the room more luxurious and cozy.

Special features

Fresco - the ancient art of painting. Once the walls were decorated with the method of painting on wet plaster. Formed on the surface of the film fixed the paint, after drying, the bas-relief became part of the wall. This ensured its preservation unchanged for hundreds of years. Today, the art of frescoes in interior design is no less relevant. Modern technologies allow to achieve a similar effect in different ways. One of them is wallpaper in the form of frescoes.

As a result of high-quality large-format printing, luxurious panels are obtained that can decorate any interior. The budget version of such wallpaper has a flat surface. Relief images are more expensive, but also look much more impressive. The panel realistically conveys the painting technique on plaster, imitating its texture. Because of this, the paintings look luxurious and expensive.

These wallpapers give the room sophistication and nobility, enliven the atmosphere, placing accents and creating a special mood.

Despite the fact that the concept of frescoes is associated with classical paintings of the Renaissance, the themes of such wallpaper is not limited. The main feature is the technique of applying images. The drawing can be any (from picturesque landscapes to black and white and avant-garde scenes). Photowall-frescoes are made of non-woven or fiberglass. Technology is in the layering of the fabric and the finish coatingprotects the product from moisture. The texture roughness is achieved by applying a special mixture with quartz sand.

The size of a cloth can be any, its high durability increases the term of operation. During transportation, the mural is rolled into a roll, hermetically fixing it with a film. You can glue wall murals on any base. Sometimes with their help make out even ceilings.

Installation of products is not complicated, but some of the nuances require a professional approach. Therefore, to install the frescoes it is recommended to contact the experts.


These wallpapers have a lot of advantages due to which they stand out against the background of their analogues.


Wallpaper murals are of high strength and durability. They are resistant to humidity, temperature extremes, mechanical stress. They can decorate the kitchen, bathroom or children's room, without fear of rapid loss of the original appearance.


Unlike ordinary photowall murals look like they were painted by hand. Volume plots and peculiar texture make it possible to make the interior elegant and extraordinary. Such bas-relief wallpapers fit perfectly in any style, transforming the room beyond recognition, pleasing the owners and surprising guests. Particularly impressive in this technique look classic images.

As for the modern plots, even they look more vivid and natural on the frescoes.

Visual effect

Murals depicting city streets, shady gardens and balconies overlooking the sea create an absolute sense of presence. Properly selected plot can visually expand the room, raise the ceiling and even erase any boundaries.

Wide range of sizes

The size of the frescoes ranges from small canvases in the form of individual paintings to large-scale products 5 meters wide. This allows you to implement any design ideas, making out not one, but several walls of the room.

Individual approach

Most manufacturers offer the production of wallpaper-frescoes for individual orders. You can choose the size you want and the desired image plot.


Depending on the method of manufacturing, there are three main types of wallpaper-frescoes:

  1. sand products (created by applying plaster on the canvas, similar to sand);
  2. Craquelure is a type of wallpaper made using marble chips (such products imitate a cracked pattern);
  3. digital murals are created using a computer (this type is the most popular because of the simplicity of its installation).

Depending on the type of the base, there are wallpaper murals on non-woven fabric, canvas (products that look like a picture or poster), wallpaper in the form of a self-adhesive film.



Wallpaper murals can easily turn a city apartment into an ancient castle or an ancient Greek villa. They can create the atmosphere of romance in Paris in a room or make the modern interior more charismatic. The main thing is to choose the right plot:

  • In a room decorated in the style of classic or baroque, reproductions of old paintings will look harmonious. No less relevant in this case are the beautiful landscapes, gardens with fountains with columns, religious subjects, patterns with monograms.
  • For Provence and Chebbi chic styles, wallpaper murals depicting cozy little French streets, lush flowers, paintings with angels and other romantic themes are suitable.

  • Murals depicting nature perfectly fit into the ecostyle. Forests, lakes, waterfalls, various animals will create indoors an atmosphere of unity with the outside world and complete harmony.
  • In the Gothic style will look great images of ancient castles in a hazy haze.
  • For the Art Nouveau style, a suitable option would be wallpaper with abstract drawings, black and white photos, streets of modern cities.

Type of room

Each room has its own characteristics. The theme of the wallpaper-frescoes can be different:

  • The spacious living rooms look great large-scale historical scenes, large natural and urban compositions. The color scheme can be any. The main thing is that it is in harmony with the furniture and other furnishings.
  • In the bedroom, you can create a cosiness and romance, thanks to the images of volumetric flowers, shells with pearls, birds of paradise or couples in love. When choosing a shade is to give preference to pastel tones. Dark wallpapers may be appropriate if necessary to contrast with white furniture. Bright colors in this part of the house should be avoided.

  • For the kitchen fit still lifes and scenic landscapes. The atmosphere created by the pictures of nature will increase your appetite and mood.
  • Extend the boundaries of a small hallway will help wallpaper murals with the illusion of additional space. Flowering alleys, European streets, balconies overlooking the luxurious garden - any composition suitable for the style will be good here.
  • Murals for the nursery should be chosen with caution. Children grow up quickly, their tastes often change. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to choose the characters of the beloved cartoon of the kid as the plot. Stop the choice on the universal version, which will delight the child for several years. This could be a fabulous clearing, a road leading to a magical castle or something like that.

Examples in the interior

Romantic plot in soft colors fits perfectly into the beige-brown bedroom. Making frescoes and mirrors in a single style creates a harmonious and stylish interior.

Another excellent option for a bedroom in a classic style is an exquisite fountain surrounded by lush flowers.

The image of the autumn city and the bridge over the river is able to transform the most ordinary cuisine and give it a special atmosphere.

Fairy city of elves - a great bright option for the nursery. The harmony of fresco shades with the colors of furniture and finishing materials indicates a flawless design approach to the design of the room.

Graceful birds and a majestic waterfall - a great composition, suitable for a modern interior. The room is filled with freshness, the beauty of nature delights and adjusts to a relaxing holiday.

Another wonderful example of the visual expansion of space. The magnificent terrace with columns, the lake and the medieval castle in the distance are so realistic that you want to take a step towards this beauty.

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