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Sliding kitchen table

The key element of the kitchen is quite deservedly considered the dining table. The mood of a family dinner and the impression that the kitchen produces as a whole will depend on how beautiful and comfortable it is.

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Features and benefits

When we think about which model of the dining table to choose, we always think about the free kitchen space. You should not get a large and beautiful table in the kitchen of medium or small size. It will be a source of inconvenience: not only hurried children, but also adults will be injured on its edges. It will interfere with the movement of other furniture in the kitchen, its size will become an obstacle when cleaning the room. Non-movable tables are undoubtedly attractive and prestigious, but for the most modest of them a kitchen of at least 10 square meters is required.

The best option for a not very large kitchen would be a sliding table.

Such models are distinguished by certain advantages: they look compact and neat, while very functional - if necessary, they can be suitable for both family members and guests.

How the compactness and the large size of the table top are combined, one can understand if we consider the device of the sliding table. It is significantly different from the way a regular table has a tabletop and legs connected by fasteners. The sliding (or folding) table must have removable or sliding parts of the tabletop. A mechanism is necessarily built into its design, with the help of which the sliding and increasing of the tabletop area takes place.

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Folding tables for modern kitchens are presented in a huge variety of models. Some of them will decorate not only the kitchen, certain options perfectly fit into the interior of the living room.

The most advanced designs are equipped with devices that provide instant and independent transformation only by turning a special handle.

However, such models are usually considered luxury items and have a relatively high cost.

Types of folding tables that can be installed in the kitchen:

  1. With a retractable counter top.
  2. Table, which can be turned into a coffee table.
  3. Glass sliding table.
  4. Table - "butterfly".
  5. Table, having a folding mechanism.

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With sliding tabletop, king-shaped

Most often, the mechanism of this table includes guides along which the main panels of the tabletop roll out to the sides. For free and easy sliding, these panels are provided with rollers, they are limited on the edges by locking elements to prevent them completely falling out of the guides. When parts of the tabletop are moved apart to the sides, an additional panel or several parts of the tabletop are installed in the resulting opening. This is an increase in the surface.

Tsarga, which gave the name to such a construction, is the framework on which the table top is attached. Such designs have been used for more than one century, they can be safely called the most durable. A popular table - the “book” also belongs to tsargovye structures. It allows you to increase the size of the tabletop by 50%. Usually “books” are additionally equipped with a drawer - a tray for storing kitchen appliances or napkins.

Retractable parts are usually stored under the main lid, but they can be kept separate. The shape of such tables can be rectangular, oval or round.

Interesting is a convertible type convertible table with a round tabletop, standing on one leg, which during the transformation is divided into two legs - supports. Of course, at the joints of the parts of the tabletops there are visible cracks, but usually they are small and do not interfere with the installation of cutlery. If the owners use a tablecloth or large napkins for decoration, then the slits cannot be seen at all. Usually, such a mechanism is equipped with wooden sliding tables (or those, whose tabletop is made of MDF).

Recently, with the advent of technologies for the production of high-strength glass (stalinite, triplex), classical sliding tables have also been launched from it.

Glass sliding

Kitchen table made of glass with a sliding mechanism is much more complicated. This is a multifunctional transformer, its surface area is increased due to two glass side panels that move to the tabletop from the sides.

In the folded version of the tabletop is omitted, and at the disposal of the owners is a small glass table.

Special legs help to raise the tabletop, like those with which ironing boards are equipped. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the height, you can adjust the size you want and get comfortable with it - both on a soft sofa and on classic chairs.

Docking seams are also visible at these tables. They do not "hurt the eye" at all, harmoniously fitting into the design of the structure.


The “butterfly” table has been known since the Soviet past. This design is time-tested and can be considered a classic.

In the undecomposed version, such a table can fit in the smallest corner of the kitchen, as it occupies about half a meter of usable space. When you want to use it for a feast, you can push the table to the center of the kitchen or living room, lift the table-top hanging on the sides and fix it with retractable legs - struts. If necessary, you can expand only one of the parties. A lot of people can easily be seated behind the spread out butterfly table. For the convenience of storing various kitchen trifles, this design can be equipped with special drawers.

The big advantage of the butterfly design can be called multifunctionality. This table combines four pieces of furniture:

  1. nightstand with drawers;
  2. small table size 26 × 90 cm;
  3. sliding table for 8 people;
  4. sliding table for 12 people.

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Folding mechanism

Such designs look like narrow shelves attached to the wall in any convenient place of the kitchen, which, if necessary, easily turn into a dining surface. Usually they are used in the interior of a small kitchen (6 square meters).

If you wish to use such a table, you need to raise the hanging part of the tabletop and push out from under it a strut (most often a metal one), on top of which the panel of the tabletop is superimposed.

The size of folding structures can be quite varied: from small surfaces, designed for a family of two people, to a decent kitchen table, which can accommodate four or five.

The latest design solution in this direction includes the possibility of a double transformation of the folding table. In this case, two panels hang on the wall at once, which are folded up and securely fastened. One of them is designed to install a small table suitable for one person. The second, more extensive, can accommodate two people. This model is called the table-picture.

In the event that the panels of such a table are made as high as the entire wall and fixed in the ceiling area, then a giant folding table can be obtained that can serve to receive large companies.

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Coffee table

The basis for such a model is a massive bollard, often equipped with wheels for ease of movement. Outwardly, this is a classic coffee table that goes well with a soft sofa in the kitchen. The table top in this design can rise above the base and fold out like a “book”, after which chairs or stools can be attached to such a table for lunch or a small dinner party.

The disadvantage of this design is some unaesthetic. Particularly strange is the side view, so this model is best covered with a long tablecloth.

Such a table is convenient for those who are not too often satisfied with feasts, and most of the time is spent sitting on a low sofa-sofa.

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When the kitchen owners are faced with the question of which option of the sliding table to choose, the main point is its size. It is important to correctly calculate how wide the acquisition will be to make it convenient to use.

The height of kitchen folding tables usually ranges from 70 cm to 78 cm. This is due to the physiological characteristics of the average human figure. Only the height of those structures, in the mechanism of which the possibility of turning into a coffee table is laid, is significantly different. For them, the optimum height is considered 44-45 cm. The width may vary (depending on the design features).

Usually, when buying such a model, the seller necessarily tells about all the design features, informs what inserts this table is equipped with, and shows on the model exactly how it moves apart.

In the case when the furniture is selected in the online store, you should give preference to those trading platforms that provide the most detailed information about the product and indicate in the description what the tabletop is made from, as well as the underframe, legs, what dimensions the design has and where it is stored .

The dimensions of the folding kitchen tables offered to the buyer in the domestic market start from 26 cm in width (the “butterfly” table) and 80 cm in length. The maximum can reach 183 cm in length (a transforming table on a pedestal), 215 cm (a butterfly table with additional sections and reinforced legs) and 227 cm (a classic collet table with an insert in the middle).

The most popular among buyers are models:

  1. From solid wood, laminated chipboard or MDF, size 60 × 90 cm, completed with an additional table top, having a transformation mechanism “book”, which allows to expand the surface up to 120 × 90 cm in the unfolded form; made in Russia.
  2. The table on the chromeplated metal legs, having a glass sliding table-top with a photo printing. Folded dimensions - 70 × 90 cm, unfolded - 70 × 135 cm; Russian production.
  3. Folding table made of solid wood (beech) made in China, folded, measuring 1200 × 800 × 760 mm. In the expanded table length increases to 1640 mm.
  4. Sliding model made of solid wood and MDF, veneered, and measuring 120 × 80 cm, produced by Malaysia. It has a central insert size of 30 cm, which allows to increase the size up to 150 cm in length.


There is a large selection of materials from which a folding kitchen table can be made. Long ago, the budget models with legs and a collet (frame) made of solid wood, equipped with chipboard or MDF top, glued with wooden veneer, have become commonplace. More interesting models have wood monolith tabletops, decorated with carved inserts, but their price tag cannot be called budget.

Recently, tables with stone countertops made of light and durable artificial stone or ceramic tiles have become popular.

They look very attractive in stylish modern kitchens with lots of home appliances. Such products are very practical, because they are resistant to high temperatures and are not afraid of cuts.

Increasingly popular folding products made of shock-resistant glass. The hardened materials of which their tabletops are made may have various names: triplex, satinate, optivet or stimalit.

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Colors and decor

The shade of natural wood, usually dark beech, oak or wenge, is considered to be a classic color for a kitchen table, however recently such colors as “bleached” or “white” oak become relevant. Thanks to the light color scheme, the traditional wooden table becomes visually lighter and does not clutter up the space in the small kitchen.

For kitchens, the dimensions of which allow them to operate with massive and dark furniture, natural wooden tones are still most preferred.

Glass top models that have become a hit in recent years can be made in a variety of colors. Beautiful and mysterious black glass tables can have either a fully mirrored surface, or only partially due to the insert.

There are table tops with photo printing, of brightly colored glass or transparent, creating the effect of additional space in the kitchen. Both wooden and metal legs can serve as the basis for such tables, and in some designer models the glass table top can be mounted on an elegant and stylish white wood cabinet.

The surface of the tabletop can be decorated with ceramic tiles or mosaics. This decor looks great, it is practical and convenient for housewives in terms of cleaning.

How to choose?

As with the purchase of any other piece of furniture, buying a sliding table, you need to build on the size of the room in which it is planned to install it.

Folding table for the kitchen does not take up much space, but if necessary, its surface is almost doubled. This point must be taken into account when choosing a particular model. Taking care of the comfort of guests, you should calculate the stock of free space.

There are pluses and minuses inherent in tables with different shape of the table top. The shape of the tabletop can be round, while in the expanded state, they turn into oval. Another popular option is square worktops, which become rectangular during transformation.

Tables with a round table top have some advantages (compared to square or rectangular):

  1. At such a table can accommodate more people, because in its design there are no corners that "eat up" the usable area.
  2. This model It will be a good find for caring parents, as the child does not risk getting injured when running into a sharp corner.

A noticeable disadvantage inherent in a sliding round table, is that it can not be placed against the wall itself.

It is also worth noting that due to the diameter of the table top guests will have difficulty getting dishes located in the center of the table. This must be considered when serving dishes for large lunches and dinners.

To save space in the kitchen, put a square table against the wall. It can be made in the form of a folding table and does not occupy any free space when folded. It can also be made in the form of a "butterfly", will look like a small bedside table.

How to do it yourself?

When purchasing a sliding kitchen table will be delivered to the buyer in a disassembled form (like any other furniture). Usually the store offers the service of assembling furniture for an additional fee (10% of the price). If there is a desire to save money, and the owner of the house is a skillful man, then the assembly of the table will not be too complicated.

To assemble the folding table yourself, you need:

  1. Study carefully accompanying drawings.
  2. Check availability all necessary kit parts.
  3. Create a picture in my head (image of the finished table), to understand where what parts should be.
  4. Carried out "fitting"assembly of parts (fasteners do not tighten).
  5. The correct sequence is specified. action, checks for holes, if necessary they are drilled by hand.
  6. Finally tighten all elements of construction.

Particularly careful should be the assembly of glass products, in this case it is better to contact professional assemblers.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Sliding products made of beautiful wood, glass and metal will add attractiveness to the interior of any kitchen. For a small kitchen in the studio apartment, we can recommend a folding hanging table. Folding table, fixed on the wall, thanks to the design features is perfect for interior design and space saving in the kitchen. It can be attached to a wall, built into a shelf, window sill or bed. Thanks to the modern ideas of designers such a folding table can be turned even into a wall mirror.

The functional elements of the furniture will help to make small rooms more spacious and comfortable.

A neat folding table with metal legs can be placed in the corner near the kitchen set, having moved apart if necessary. Especially effectively it will look in the case when the surface of the table and kitchenette match in color. In such a cozy corner it will be nice to sit with friends, and then again return him to a compact form and move aside so that he does not interfere with movement near the kitchen area.

An interesting idea is the design of the kitchen table- "butterfly", which is equipped with several built-in drawers or serves as a bedside table. Typically, the countertops of such structures are made of laminated chipboard, MDF, but there are also luxury models of wood. The natural color of wood is always perfectly combined with laminate or parquet, soft carpet or pastel-colored floor tiles.

When it becomes necessary to place a small company in the kitchen, you can lift only one of the side-mounted worktops and fix it with a retractable leg.

Classical chairs with armrests (or a sofa in the soft kitchen corner) will help to place guests at such a table.

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