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Bedroom Design

Bedroom - one of the most important rooms in the house. It is very important how a person feels in a sleeping space. That is why the interior should be not only functional, but also beautiful.

Beautiful interiors: new items, current design ideas

Unfortunately, not every family can afford to allocate a special room for the bedroom. More often, people have a bedroom-living room in an apartment, and they have to equip a bed with double functionality. However, modern real bedroom projects take this feature into account. You can find enough examples where these two rooms are combined into one simply and with taste. This year, designers worked tirelessly to create new concepts in the interior. Actual trends reflect events in the world of art, fashion, architecture. Modern lifestyle makes interior designers to offer people more and more new solutions that used to seem extravagant, and now are the absolute norm.

However, a cozy bedroom can be recreated with your own hands, without the help of a specialist.

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Modern fashion loyal to the choice of styles, allowing you to equip the bedroom and in the style of the Baroque, and in any modern. When making repairs, you certainly need to think ahead what your bedroom will be: chic, cozy, and maybe spartan with a minimum of details. However, some trends can be used in any design. For example, very often in recent years, interior designers have resorted to the use of blue. Also interspersed with the popular shade of Marsala will help to refresh the bed and "modernize" it. The growing importance of ecology in the life of modern man has also left its mark. The use of eco-friendly materials in the interior of the bedroom is one of the most relevant areas. Wood and untreated stone in the interior are no longer a wonder, but the norm.

Gray color, the abundance of smooth open surfaces, the angularity of forms also represents a new look at beauty. The graphic theme promises to remain in trend for a few more years.

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Options for different sizes and shape of the room

The size of the bedroom can be completely different, but modern architectural fashion offers great solutions for all types and sizes. It is not necessary that the bedroom was rectangular. Options for a square room are presented in large numbers. It does not matter whether you are the happy owner of a large bedroom of 40 meters or you can allocate only 17 square meters for sleeping space. m., functional interior solution that would meet the latest trends, can be found for those and for others.

If we talk about the design of a square bedroom, it is better to give preference to those interior options in which the bed is located in the middle. This will allow you to visually "pull out" and fill the space. At the same time, if the room is small, the location of the bed is the inefficient use of the area. In this case, try to place the furniture along the walls, leaving the area in the center of the room empty.

The common features in the arrangement of a small bedroom are the use of light colors, unusual accents that can divert attention from the small size of the room, and an abundance of light. All this will help make the dimensions of the room visually larger. The interior design of a rectangular room can also be very diverse. Regardless of the size of the bedroom, its shape imposes certain restrictions on the possibility of placement of furniture.

Usually rectangular bedrooms are very narrow, so the main task is to visually expand the space. However, often the emphasis on the shape of the room is the only correct interior solution. For example, in this case, the designers even more “stretched out” the room, using horizontal stucco elements on the walls and a geometric pattern of the floors.

A small rectangular bedroom seems wider and larger due to the use of light colors in the interior and contrasting cornices. Designers visually balanced the proportions of the room, putting the bed across and thus visually "cutting" space.

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Determine the style

There are several areas in interior design:

  • Antique style;
  • Classic style;
  • Colonial style;
  • Ethnic style;
  • Modern style;
  • Mixed style.

Each of these stylistics has its own distinctive features, unique to it.

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At present, youth fashion in interior design dictates choosing ethnic stylewhich implies not only the use of unusual african or mexican elements, but also recreating the living conditions of individual nations. Popular now Scandinavian interior performed exactly according to ethnic style. Do not give up their positions and antique and classic interiors. They are used mainly in the development of ideas for the women's bedroom, as the pretentiousness and abundance of details are preferred by the beautiful half of humanity.

The interior of the bedroom, made in colonial style, also very fashionable. The room looks like a typical traveler's "habitat": maps, chests, different wall masks - these are the decorations that are inherent in this style. The colonial style is well suited for the arrangement of the nursery, since it involves the use of many small details of the situation. Modern style has many sub-styles, but it makes sense to dwell on the two most popular ones: Loft and High tech. First you need to note that the style Loft fundamentally different from High tech. In the first case, the search for beauty is promoted in the daily routine of industrial everyday life, in the second case - the creation of such beauty using modern technologies.

Both of these styles are equally used in designing men's bedrooms, since they are distinguished by minimalism and a certain brutality. Sometimes these styles are also used for women's bedrooms, but this is rather an exception. Mixed style in the interior is used most often, because it is allowed to combine any elements "clean" stylistics, for example, it is not uncommon to meet the ethnic Scandinavian interior with an admixture of style Loft. Also, elements of the ancient or classical are often added to one of the modern styles. The choice of style of the future bedroom depends only on the individual preferences of the owner. Any style is good in its own way, but each person is individual, and what is beautiful for one will seem disgusting for the other.

We select furniture


After the decision on the style of the future bedroom is made, the question arises about buying furniture. The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed. The bed can be single or double, rectangular or round, angular or classic and even round angular. In accordance with the style, choose the option that would be best suited. A large double bed with a high soft headboard made of leather or velor will suit the bedroom in antique style.

Traditional antique beds have a figured headboard, but models can be found with a flat option. A distinctive feature is the presence of carved details and gilded finish.

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Classic-style beds are also distinguished by the presence of decoration, but more modest. Choose a bed made in muted brown tones. For the colonial style are characterized by bulky wooden beds of rich colors, often complemented by columns. There is no need to talk about a particular type of bed in an ethnic interior, since it all depends on which country you have chosen as a model. Samples of African, Indian or Scandinavian cultures vary greatly. For the modern style, a wrought iron bed or a minimalist soft model will do.

Bedside pouf - not so rare. There is a huge selection of different variations of poufs for every taste and color, so choosing the right one is not difficult. Remember to ask yourself if there is room for a closet in the bedroom. If the apartment has a separate dressing room, fine, but if you need "enter" wardrobe in the interior, there may be some difficulties. For example, it is impossible to choose a closet for an antique interior; you will have to be content with classic carved linen cabinets or dressers. If you are designing a bedroom in a modern style, take a closer look at the option of a built-in closet. Some models have mirrored doors, which will save space in the room, as well as money to buy a stand-alone mirror.

If there is not enough space to install the cabinet, think about buying a dresser. It takes up much less space, and in terms of functionality is inferior to a full-fledged cabinet only to a few. Chest can choose any size. The market offers a huge number of different design options for this piece of furniture for every taste, so there will be no problems with the choice. The main thing is to remember that each piece of furniture must be bought in accordance with the concept of the style in which you plan to equip the bedroom.

Bedside tables - a necessary piece of furniture for bedrooms with insufficient lighting. On such a cabinet can be placed a suitable lamp, and the problem with the lack of light will be solved. In addition, in the nightstand it is very convenient to store all sorts of accessories for sleeping, books, and so on.

Buying a bedside table would be a great investment.

When planning a women's bedroom do not forget about buying a dressing table. You can choose the option with a built-in mirror or without, as well as a table with additional lighting for greater convenience during the application of makeup. Together with the table, a stool is usually purchased, which is a small ottoman for the dressing table. Best of all, when the bench and bedside pouf have a similar design, then the interior of the room as a whole looks more harmonious.

If you stopped buying a cabinet without a built-in mirror or for some reason refused to buy it, purchase a mirror separately. There are floor, wall and wall options. The hinged mirror is usually small, it is suspended at the level of your face. In it you can not see your reflection completely.

Wall mirror - A full-length mirror attached to a wall. Roughly speaking, this is the equivalent of a mirror cabinet door; due to the fact that it is flush with the wall, a lot of space for installing such a piece of furniture is not required. Floor mirrors are purchased as a separate piece of furniture. They are usually quite large and bulky. The frames of such a mirror are strikingly different, so they can be chosen for any style. Floor mirrors are quite expensive, be prepared to pay a decent amount for it. Consider buying decorative items such as vases, plants, figurines and figurines, chests, clocks, photo frames, candles, boxes. An interesting element will be a screen, of course, if it fits into your future interior. Carefully approach the choice of objects of decor, since it is from the little things formed the general view of your future sleeping space.

Buying textiles to frame the bed is also important. Pay attention to blankets, bedspreads, decorative pillows combined and echoed the general interior of the room. Do not forget that a good solution would be to make one of these decorative elements the semantic center of the composition. Add color or pattern, thereby creating a bright contrast against the background of the rest of the bedroom interior. As a result, you get an interesting effect. The advantage of this approach is that you can change textiles from time to time, refreshing the room and changing the color center, and it will cost you a relatively small amount of money.

Decide in advance whether your future interior provides for a carpet. It adds to any room of comfort, moreover, the carpet will not allow your feet to freeze when in the morning you will crawl out from under the blanket. You can choose a rug for every taste: oriental, modern, made under the skin or fluffy shaggy.

Buying curtains - One of the final elements in interior design. Many even hire a special designer curtains to help them find the perfect option. You can independently decide which curtains will best fit into the interior of your room. You can buy ready-made curtains, and you can order. In any case, do not treat their purchase too lightly, as the wrong curtains can spoil the whole impression of the room.

Pay attention to the material, it must be dense enough so that the curtains do not let the light in, otherwise there is a risk to earn insomnia because of the light that hits the eyes at night. Separately, take care of buying special drawers for storing small items. It can be small stylish baskets, boxes, covers - anything. It is important not to forget about this item, since the ability to complete the contents of the shelves is an important part of creating the character of the bedroom. Also, the presence of such a storage system will allow you to reduce the time of cleaning the room, which, of course, an absolute plus.

What should be the door?


In the issue of the arrangement of the bedroom every detail is important. So, a very important point is how the sleeping space is separated from the rest of the apartment. From this directly depends on the convenience and quality of sleep. Modern manufacturers are a huge selection of doors for every taste and for any interior. There are many types of doors, even a special classification has been established. This article will discuss only the most important features for choosing a bedroom door.

Depending on the material of the door to the bedroom are:

  • Wood. Today they are the best choice. There are many different options for every taste and wallet. With this door you can make the interior more conservative or add modernity to it. Wooden doors have good soundproofing properties, which makes them an excellent option for the bedroom.
  • Glass. Such doors visually help to expand the space, making it lighter and more comfortable. On the glass door it is possible to create any pattern. However, for the bedroom, such doors are not the best option, as they are distinguished by high sound permeability.
  • Veneered. Cheap analogue of wooden doors, but not so high quality.
  • Laminated. Also similar to wooden doors. There are many different colors, so with a limited budget, the purchase of such a door can be a good option.
  • Kashirovannye. A cheap alternative to laminated doors. The coating is of poor quality and wears out very quickly, so that soon the door will have to be replaced.
  • Mesonite. Doors made of pressed wood are durable and durable. Such doors are covered with both laminate and fine wood veneer.
  • Plastic. A great choice for modern interiors. Plastic doors are very light, if you wish, you can choose absolutely any color and design.
  • Combined. Combined doors are made using two or more materials at the same time, for example, wood and glass.

By way of opening the door for the bedroom are divided into:

  • Swing. Can be opened only in one or in both directions. To date, this type of door is the most common.
  • Sliding, or coupe. This option is very convenient if you can not provide a place to open the door, but there is space on the sides. These doors are commonly used for zoning space.
  • Folding. Doors-accordions are also popular because they allow you to give up the space for opening. However, very often such doors quickly fail, so when buying, you need to very carefully assess their quality.

Split single, double and half doors, when one canvas is larger than the other. Doors can be glazed and deaf. Depending on the surface finish, the doors are divided into models with a transparent finish and an opaque finish. Thus, to begin with, determine the material and color of the door. It is important to know in advance how you want to see the entrance to your holy of holies. After that, decide which way of opening is suitable for your repair, what size your door should have. By answering these questions, you can easily find the most suitable option.

Finishing issues


When finishing the room, think about three main components: the ceiling, walls and floors. The most relevant at present are stretch ceilings. The market offers a huge variety of various colors and textures. You can create both single-level and multi-level construction, add a spotlight and so on.For small rooms, the best choice will be a glossy light ceiling, which will help add light, as well as visually expand the space. At low ceilings should also give preference to light finish. With its help the room will seem more spacious and higher. In addition, the dark ceiling at the subconscious level creates an anxious feeling, so it is not recommended to use it in the bedroom.

Choosing a finish for the walls, decide which material you will use. Today, both painted walls and walls covered with wallpaper are popular. The walls before painting should be perfectly aligned, only in this case the paint will lie flat and will look advantageous. Wallpapers are less whimsical in this matter. The huge variety of types, textures and materials opens up almost unlimited scope for creativity. Also an interesting solution would be the use of photo wallpaper, as well as frescoes.

Choosing material for flooring, focus on the already thought-out interior. So, the carpet will definitely not fit into the design in the Loft style, nor will it look good against the background of the ethnic interior. Contrasting the warm floor against the cold, think about the overall climate of your bedroom. Sometimes the presence of a warm floor can cause mold growth on the walls. Be sure to consult a professional. Installing underfloor heating is an excellent solution for children's bedrooms. In this case, you will not need to buy a carpet, which can become a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria that are harmful to the respiratory system of the child.

Color solutions


To be able to relax to the maximum in your sleeping space, you need to choose the right color scheme. First of all, the palette of your future bedroom depends on personal preferences. Some people like rooms in peach tones, someone prefers a bright interior, and for someone a cream bedroom is the top of dreams. Decide what colors you most impressed, and when choosing to build on them. Of course, the ideal solution for the bedroom would be a calm pastel color palette, designed to help you relax. Warm colors will create an atmosphere of comfort and serenity, while cold ones, on the contrary, can make you feel uncomfortable.

Do not be afraid of bright colors in the interior. They will help to revive the room. As spectacular accents, it is better to use textile decorations so that they can be removed and slept well just before going to bed. Be careful when setting bright accents. Be sure to pay attention to the texture and material of the selected item. It is better if something bright and cozy, but not glossy and smooth, turns out to be a bright spot. The use of dark tones in the bedroom is welcome only if it is sufficiently light and large, otherwise you risk turning your sleeping space into a creepy closet.

One interesting piece of advice can be given, based on which side your bedroom windows face. If they look to the north or west, discard such colors in the interior as gray, burgundy, and green-yellow; if the windows are facing south or east, it is better to refrain from using brown, pink and blue. In the sun, these shades look pretty unpleasant, and you will subconsciously avoid being in your own bedroom. The result of this may be a chronic lack of sleep, depression, insomnia, a general deterioration of health. If the wrong choice of colors has already been made, we advise you to additionally highlight the unsuccessful zones, trying to interrupt the natural lighting. It will also help the use of spectacular parts designed to distract from the unpleasant contemplation of "color blunders".

Patterns and ornaments look best on items that are easy to get rid of. A blanket, pillow or small carpet is a great example of such things. Once the pattern you pall, you can easily replace it.

Psychologists say that a specially selected color palette affects the general well-being of a person. In particular, they advise using the following colors in the design:

  • White. It will give a feeling of lightness, as well as provide an excellent background for the use of other colors.
  • Yellow beautifully affects mental well-being. Yellow - the color of the sun, so it is not surprising that it gives a feeling of joy, warmth and helps to maintain optimism throughout the day.
  • Pale orange or peach will help to relax after a hard day and relieve nervous tension.
  • Blue shades in the interior they will help you to feel calmer and more comfortable in such a room, but you should not make a bedroom completely in blue. Too much blue around leads to apathy and a depressed state.
  • Violet in combination with pale pink will help stimulate brain activity.
  • Brown - one of the most popular colors for bedroom decoration. The whole range of brown shades from sandy to dark brown perfectly affects the psyche, contributing to proper rest and sound sleep.
  • Green color helps to relax, after sleeping in a green room a person feels as rested and vigorous as possible.

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